Inline Helical gearboxes

Inline Helical Gearboxes

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd continue to manufacture Genat and Wood™ inline helical gearboxes in Australia, and from Australian-Made components. In short, Genant and Wood™ gearboxes continue to be one of the most high-quality, reliable industrial gearboxes available. Many of the Genat and Wood™ gearboxes have seen 30 or more years of service…that’s right, you read it…30 years or more! Availability of spare parts is immediate.


Amiga Engineering™ Pty Lts is also the Australian agents of the high-quality, Italian-Made, Varmec and Tramec branded gearboxes. These items are more cost-effective than well-known brands, yet deliver at least the same service life of our Genat and Wood™ gearboxes.

Amiga Engineering™ provide the Varmec inline helical gearboxes in cast iron – for durability and longevity for your needs.

Why choose helical or inline helical gearboxes?

You will find that in applications requiring higher torque, a helical gearbox provides a better solution. Helical gears operate more smoothly and quietly due to the way the teeth interact. The teeth on a helical gear cut at an angle to the face of the gear. When two of the teeth start to engage, the contact is gradual – starting at one end of the tooth and maintaining contact as the gear rotates into full connection. Helical gears are more commonly used in transmission, this is because they can generate large amounts of thrust and use bearings to help support the thrust load.



Increasing Use Of The Helical Gearboxes In Australia

Helical gears are one of the most common industrial gear types. One of the reasons for their popularity is their ability to be used in numerous applications across different industries.

The main strength of a helical gear comes from its teeth being set an angle relative to the gear’s axis. As a result, the teeth mesh gradually as they come into contact and then engage more as the contact increases. This means that there is less load on individual teeth because several teeth are always in contact, resulting in a smoother transition of force from one tooth to the next. There is less vibration and noise, reduced shock load and lower levels of wear, even at high-speed operation. There is also a larger contact area and hence the gears are stronger compared to straight cut gears ratio with the width of the gear. Read More

Getting The Best From Inline Helical Gearboxes

The nature of inline helical gears means that the sliding contact between the teeth causes axial forces and heat. This is countered by fitting larger roller bearings or by using double helical or herringbone gears that cancel out the axial forces and avoids the need for thrust bearings.

Helical gearboxes have a smoother motion than other types as well as a higher speed capability and less noise. In order to maximise these advantages, all our helical inline gearboxes have:

  • high output torque capabilities and ratios
  • foot and/or flange mounting for maximum flexibility
  • compact design so space requirements are minimised
  • high efficiency that gives low operating costs
  • robust housing for stability and resilience
  • quiet and smooth operation
  • reliable operation through high axial and radial load capacities
  • range of motor power ratings. Input capabilities of 0.63 kW to 132 kW (higher or lower power requirements we can provide custom gearboxes or other units)

We provide a variety of types for use in different applications for various industries. These can include low speed, high torque applications and use in pumps, fans and for numerous other purposes. These cover production lines that require high volume throughput, crushers in quarries and conveyors in mines where operating conditions are harsh.

Our Inline Helical Gearbox Provides Consistency & Reliability

In order to ensure that inline helical gearboxes throughout Australia will work consistently despite spikes in power and challenging conditions, all our models are manufactured to the highest standards from high quality materials that will withstand harsh treatment. We realise that dependability is key to the smooth operation of many processes so we build that in as a prime feature.

That’s in common with all our products where reliability is of supreme importance. Companies generally need to keep everything running smoothly and our aim is to help them do this through the high quality of all our products.

Our industrial gearboxes are able to compete reliability wise and most times on price. However it is not our aim to compete against cheap foreign imports because the standard of manufacturing and the quality of materials of our construction is far higher. As an example the casings of a typical imported European gearbox or Chinese copy is 50% less cast iron, this results in structural twisting and warping of the casings under load, the ability to hold temperature evenly with heavier casings is also an advantage. The ability to rebuild our casings with new bearings after a long industrious life is also possible. As a result, our gearboxes will often run for over thirty years whereas cheap imports will typically last only 1-2 years and will prove much more expensive in the long-term when replacement costs, increased downtime and lost production are taken into account.

If you want the best and most reliable inline gearbox in Australia, it’s right here at Amiga Engineering services. Read Less

Inline Gears

In line helical gears with one, two and three reduction stages.

VARMEC gear reducers and motor- reducers have been entirely designed using leading edge technical computer software.

Each single component has been designed and tested in consideration of the maximum loads applicable to the reducer in compliance with AGMA 2001-B88. Casings and flanges made from non varnished aluminium in sizes 141 to 162.

Casings and flanges of all other sizes are made from varnished, highly resistant cast iron. The rounded shape of the casings gives the gear reducers an optimum rigidity and solidity allowing for use in all possible assembly positions.

The manufacturing process of the various components is done by modern CNC machinery that gives maximum precision construction. All gears are made from hardened and tempered alloy steel with successive corrections to better the performance and reduce noise levels even whilst running with a load.

The input shaft is made from hardened and tempered alloy steel; the output shaft from high strength steel. Gear reducers are varnished with a thermosetting powder based on polyester resins modified with an epoxy resin: colour Burnt Blue RAL5010.

VARMEC gearboxes are available in 4 sizes (141-191/241-281-381) for the types with only one stage of reduction and in 8 sizes (162-200- 250-300-350-450-550-600) for the types with two and three stages of reduction.

Input power from 0,09 to 54 kW
Torque from 15 to 3000 Nm
Reduction from 1:1,2 to 1:317

Input (motor) Side

Input (motor) Side

In line Helical gears INPUT

Every gearbox can be supplied with IEC input flange (RCV) for IEC electric motors or in the solid input shaft (CV) version. Input flanges NEMA are also available. A wide variety of output shaft diameters are avilable for each size of gearbox.

Series CV-RCV 191A – 202A – 252A – 253A
Aluminium in line helical gears

Varmec presents its catalogue of the new sizes of helical gearboxes in aluminium RCV202 and RCV252. This new solution makes the product more competitive: it can now suit those applications which do not require the cast iron housing, which up to now was the only available on offer.

CV vs. RCV

Varmec Inline helical reducers have two options available for clients, we have the CV vs. RCV

CV = Reducer without input (motor end) flange

CV vs RCV single stage



RCV = Reducer with input (motor end) connection

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd has all parts needed for either option, ready in Australia for all current customers and for new customers/clients.

If you are interested in the exquisite Italian brand of Varmec gearboxes in Australia, then contact Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd for a free quote.

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