Being a local manufacturer, Amiga Engineering is perfect for your mining shutdown periods – reducing downtime to a minimum. The Australian Made “Genat and Wood” brand of inline helical gearheads are perfect for all types of pump units. Our gearboxes last for more than 30 years and built tough for the tough environment. When reliability matters – opt for a quality brand.

Our Genat and Wood gearheads are already driving your Ebsray, Mono, Roto (and many more) currently in the field. For spare parts, overhauls and new units – contact your local manufacturer Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

Whether you're in WA, interstate or in Victoria, Amiga's fast turn around and understanding of shutdowns and breakdowns are second to none.

Contact our Sales Manager for Transmission Products for more information
Dee Bourchier
Dee Bourchier

CNC & 3D Machining

The company also has an in-house machine shop with large capabilities for big machining and small part machining to suit all industries. You will find our pipe fittings and flanges on almost every oil rig and refinery in and around Australia

Top 3 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2019 Small Business

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd was honoured to be nominated and rated top 3 in Victoria for the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2019 – local small business manufacturer.

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