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Agricultural equipment

Agriculture is a big part of the Australian industry.

Farmers, stock feed, crops are all part and parcel of the Australian agriculture. The quality of product starts with the quality of manufacture. For high quality feed and processes, we must then look at the equipment and machinery being used. Genat and Wood is the only Australian Made brand of helical gearboxes. They are known to be “tough boxes for tough industry”. So you if you need a gearmotor that will last and drive the machinery for your processing plant, then ask your designers, maintenance crews and machining companies to opt in for the Genat and Wood brand to drive your equipment.

All types of Agricultural equipment utilise inline helical gearboxes. Single stage units are perfect for space restrictive areas and high speed requirements. 2 stage units have the beefier internals and 3 stage units are for slower speeds.

Conveyor systems, production lines, stock feed manufacturing process and much more attribute to agricultural equipment.

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