Gearboxes for industry

Industries we’re involved in

The below are only a small number of industries using and carrying our gearboxes

(not limited to)

water treatment gearboxWater Treatment

Genat and Wood Aerator gearboxes and mixer drives are the long life solution for Waste Water and Treatment Plants

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mining gearboxMining & Pump Industry

Genat and Wood and Varmec Inline helical units are the high quality (or high end) product perfect for your pumps. Found in mines and refineries driving pumps such as Ebsray, Mono (NOV) or Roto pumps.

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stockfeed gearboxAgricultural Machinery

Single stage units, great for compact areas. Tough cast iron exterior gearheads for the tough industry.

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winery gearboxWine and Vineyards

Hollow Shaft Mounted units in our Italian brands of “Varmec” and “Tramec” are currently installed and are compatible and durable for wine vats and mixing kettles


industrial shredder


Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd worked together with Brentwood, in their designs, to produce the Ultimate Shredder.

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food and abattoir gearboxesFood & Abattoirs

The tough Genat and Wood brand are the solution for longevity in the food and meat industry.

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Gearboxes for industry


Designed with durability and simplicity in mind, our Australian Made brand (Genat and Wood) offers a long and strong life. Unlike other well known brands, our industrial gearboxes are designed to fit any branded IEC motor input.

Worlds of innovation

When reliability and quality matters, then the Australian Made Genat and Wood brand is the best option you will ever need. A one-off purchase witha longer life span, compared to throw away options of replacements every year or few months

Time is money

Downtime and maintenance shutdown periods are important times for production lines and job-in work.

We too are a manufacturing company and local small business, so Amiga understands down-time needs to be kept to a minimum; when you have urgent requirements, Amiga Engineering is the company for you.

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emergency gearbox

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Location is everything

The company provides quick turn around, breakdown and emergency situations are part and parcel of our ability to service whenever it is required. With manufacturing and sales office located in Tullamarine, Victoria. Amiga is perfectly situated, being only minutes away from air, road and sea transport.

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