helical geared reducers

Helical Geared Reducers

The Genat and Wood helical reducer range allows for the application of a variety of different input sets; such as belt drives, pulleys and couplings adding more flexibility to our extensive range of helical gearheads.

The Genat and Wood range of industrial inline helical geared reducers is known for it’s long service life and robust service factors leading to excellent power density. As a result, comparing with other gearheads out there, there is little comparison. Therefore, Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd can outperform many reputable companies with our overhung loads and service factors.


Difference between a “Geared Motor” and a “Reducer”

Geared motor or gearmotor refers to a unit where the input is directly coupled to the electric motor. The motor is directly bolted up to the gearbox input flange. The size of the input to the gearhead is based on the universal IEC sizing. For more information on IEC fitments you can ask your local motor supplier or feel free to contact Amiga Engineering.

A Reducer setup is where the input has a solid male shaft on input as well as output. Generally used for a pulley setup or where a coupling is used to connect the solid male motor shaft and solid male gearbox shaft.

For more information on couplings click here to be redirect to Drive Systems’ website and you can say that you were referred by Dee at Amiga Engineering.

geared motor vs reducer

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