GHA Gearboxes


GHA Antibacterial Gearboxes

🚀 Elevate Your Industry Standards with Tramec’s GHA Industrial Gearboxes! 🌐✨

Amiga Engineering is thrilled to be the exclusive Australian agents for Tramec’s groundbreaking GHA gearboxes – revolutionizing precision engineering in pharmaceutical, marine, and food applications!

🔍 Why GHA?

Tramec’s patented antibacterial gearheads set a new benchmark for hygiene and reliability. Ideal for pharmaceutical environments where cleanliness is non-negotiable, marine applications demanding robust performance, and food industry setups where precision meets purity.

💡 Key Features:

✅ Patented Antibacterial Technology

✅ Unmatched Precision and Durability

✅ Tailored Solutions for Pharma, Marine, and Food Industries

🌐 Versatility in Action:

From powering pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to navigating the seas with seamless marine propulsion, and ensuring the highest hygiene standards in food production – Tramec’s GHA gearboxes excel in diverse applications.

🇦🇺 Amiga Engineering: Your Gateway to Excellence!

As proud Australian agents, Amiga Engineering is committed to bringing you the pinnacle of innovation. Elevate your operations with gearboxes that go beyond expectations.

🚢⚙️ Join the Revolution!

Upgrade to Tramec’s GHA gearboxes for a future-proof solution that combines cutting-edge technology with Amiga’s dedication to excellence. Let’s propel your industry forward!

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Revolutionize Your Operations with GHA Gearboxes
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GHA worm gearboxes

Excellent bactericidal properties

Excellent corrosion resistance (over 2016 h in NSS test)

Special housing  with smooth external profile, subjected to enhanced GHA treatment,  reduces to minimum dirt deposit and allows a better cleaning

High surface hardness of the body with GHA treatment (HV 500-600)

High resistance to abrasive wear

High thermal dissipation

AISI 316 hollow output shaft  and stainless steel nuts and bolts

FDA certified lubricant and oil seals for food industry use

Compliant with HACCP Australia / NZ


GXC worm gearboxes

Excellent bactericidal properties

Standard corrosion resistance (250 h in NSS test)

Standard XC housings, subjected to GHA treatment

AISI 316 hollow output shaft and stainless steel nuts and bolts

Lubricant and oil seals certified by FDA for food industry use

Suitable for use in dry food environments

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