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Inline Helical Industrial Gearboxes are suited for a range of applications, driving pumps, conveyors, crushers, industrial shredders, agricultural equipment, fixed mining equipment and more.

Single Stage gearheads are perfect for high speed output, pump applications and small space requirements.

Two Stage, or dual stage, gearheads are suited for mid – to high range output speeds, stronger and sturdy application needs and higher input power.

Three stage gearheads provide a lower output speed, higher ratios and higher torque capabilities; keeping the integrity and strength of the unit

For even slower output speeds you may need to select a dual gearbox setup. Call Amiga Engineering to enquire further


Amiga Engineering manufactures the only Australian made brand of industrial gearboxes “Genat and Wood” which has been in manufacture since 1976. Chosen for durability, longevity and greater availability. Components are genuinely Australian made.

Amiga are the Australian agents for the Italian brand “Varmec” which also provide a cheaper solutions for inline helical gearhead requirements. Still providing a cast iron exterior, the Varmec brand is already out in the field in a large range of industries.

Single Stage Gearboxes

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