dual gearboxes

Dual Gearboxes

For applications that call for extremely large ratios, and low output speeds; the Genat and Wood™ dual gearboxes are able to provide an answer.

The Dual gearbox type: Ranging with input sizes from 0.37kw to 22kw with output speeds of 0.24 RPM to 11 RPM

There is also capabilities of adding a VFD between the last gearhead and motor for more variation on slow speeds.

The Genat and Wood range of industrial dual gearboxes is known for it’s long service life and robust service factors leading to excellent power density. As a result, comparing with other gearheads out there, there is little comparison. Therefore, Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd can outperform many reputable companies with our overhung loads and service factors.

Dual Gearboxes Australia

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