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The Genat and Wood™ aerator units and series is synonymous with robust design providing long service life and increase durability which make these gearboxes ideal for important applications such as aerators. Such as the unit installed on the right at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand hydro plant. This Aerator dissolves oxygen into pond water through the high-speed impeller of the submersible motor. It produces many tiny oxygen bubbles when the impeller infuses a mix of oxygen and water. It disperses the oxygen bubbles through the body of the water quickly and purifies the water.


The Genat and Wood range of Aerator units is known for it’s long service life and robust service factors leading to excellent power density. As a result, comparing with other gearheads out there, there is little comparison. Therefore, Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd can outperform many reputable companies with our overhung loads and service factors.

Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd were the first Australian Surface Aerator manufacturers. Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd are also the only Australian Surface Aerator manufacturers from 1976. All of our Aeration products are made locally in Australia, with Australian/local materials and manufactured by Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd.

The Many Uses Of Aerator Units

Aerators are most commonly used in waste water treatment. They are generally employed in sewage tanks, agitating the surface of the water to enrich it with oxygen and activate the bacteria so biodegradable constituents can be removed from the sludge. Aerators are also used in various industries where chemicals and other materials need to be mixed or blended. The wide range of applications requires aeretor units that are capable of dealing with a variety of conditions. Read More

The Need For Resilient Aerator Gearboxes In Australia

The main challenge facing an aerator gearbox is that it is often required to operate in extreme conditions. The gear unit may be installed vertically on a tank, horizontally on its side or even under it. As a result, the required torque may vary and gearbox needs to allow for this.

The liquid in which the aerator operates may vary in consistency and the gearboxes have to be capable of working consistently at high speed. They may be required to work in semi-submerged conditions, with high output radial and axial loadings, and still have a long working life despite the harsh environment.

Because of its positioning and use, aerator gearboxes have to be extremely resilient. They have to provide continuous use for long periods with no stoppages and very little maintenance. To enable this, required features include remote greasing points, the ability to check oil and flow levels, and the correct volume pump for continuous oil movement.

All aeretor units need to be completely enclosed with effective sealing. This is to prevent gear oil contaminating the liquid in which the aerator operates.

Aerator Gearboxes For Extreme Conditions

In view of the conditions that aerators work under and the need for reliability and resilience, all our gearboxes incorporate reinforced construction, including large output bearings and seals in a specific output bearing well. They are highly efficient, have extreme operational reliability and have low noise levels. Both lateral and axial loadings are absorbed by the use of heavy duty output bearings and shafts.

Our industrial gearboxes are all Australian made, come in various sizes to suit different applications and can withstand high loads on the gear shaft. They are available for different types of mounting with a range of input power requirements, and will work perfectly at high operating temperatures and in all environments.

These aerator units, like every product we supply, are produced to the highest standards using the best quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. We have over 33 years experience in engineering solutions and manufacturing for all types of industries and use this experience to provide the broadest scope of manufacturing capabilities anywhere in the world. Additionally, we have ISO9001 accreditation for all our manufacturing, which attests to the quality of manufacturing that applies equally for all products and industries.

Our Genat and Wood gearbox brand is the only one to offer a five year warranty and our aerator units gearboxes have been known to operate effectively for over thirty years. This contrasts with 1-2 years typical for cheap imports and illustrates why you should go for the best if you want longevity and reliability. Read Less

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