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When Reliability Matters, choose an Amiga Industrial Gearbox

What is an Industrial Gearbox?

An industrial gearbox is a mechanical device that transmits power from one components of a machine to another, by means of gears. It is used to increase or decrease the speed or torque of a rotating power source, such as an electric motor, and is typically found in heavy industrial equipment, such as conveyor systems, pumps and compressors.

Industrial gearboxes can be designed for various applications and environments including high-load and high-speed applications, and can be either manual or powered.

Benefits of choosing an Australian Made company and Australian Made brand:

  • Local manufacture means fast turn around times
  • Spare part availability
  • New/replacement unit availability
  • “Genat and Wood” branded gearheads are known for longevity and durability
  • Save money in the long term for minimum maintenance
  • Save money for future with only the one purchase, instead of needing to replace the unit every couple of years such as other inferior brands or products
  • 5 year warranty for all new “Genat and Wood” branded gearboxes, mixers and stirrers
  • Thicker cast iron housings providing longer life span
  • Gears made from the highest quality metals
australian made gearboxes
Australian Made Industrial Gearboxes
For high quality and durability
Genat and Wood
genat and wood
variable speed drives

Durable Varmec units feature Cast Iron construction for inline helical, hollow shaft mount, and variable friction disc variators, ideal for tough industries.

right angle gearbox

Expertly selected Italian brand offering diverse mounting options for client convenience and superior quality assurance. Elevate your experience.

Tramec Range

Tailored for sizable gearbox projects, offering customized solutions and exceptional durability.  Elevating performance with precision and longevity.

bevel helical

Precise variable-speed pulleys and systems for optimal performance. Elevate efficiency with Speed Selector’s high-quality solutions. Upgrade your operations.

Belt Variators Speed Selector

If you are a maintenance planner or site contractor looking for new and replacement Industrial Transmission Products, then the Australian Made brand “Genat and Wood” is perfect for you.

Boost Your Efficiency with Local Industrial Gearboxes

In industries where downtime can mean significant losses, the efficiency of your site and machinery is paramount. Opting for gearboxes from a local manufacturer can minimize downtime and enhance cost-effectiveness. Unlike imports, which often incur additional charges such as customs fees, duties, airfreight costs, and fluctuating exchange rates, choosing an Australian brand manufactured locally can drastically reduce lead times from weeks to mere days.


Imagine the benefits of making a single, quality purchase rather than having to replace gearboxes every one or two years. Consider the advantage of dealing with a local company that prioritizes meeting your needs, offering hassle-free repair services for your gearbox. Picture a business renowned for its exceptional customer service, swift turnaround times, and a comprehensive 5-year warranty, complete with readily available replacement and spare parts for DIY refurbishments. With a wide array of capabilities, customization to suit your specific requirements becomes effortless.


At Amiga Engineering, we proudly serve as the Australian agents for esteemed Italian brands such as Varmec, Tramec, and Motomeccanica. These brands offer versatile solutions for various applications, boasting robust constructions to ensure longevity and reliability. We maintain a stock of the Varmec brand’s cast iron exterior versions at our Victoria location, ensuring prompt availability for our customers.

Inline Helical Gearbox
gearbox pump

Industrial Gearboxes You Can Trust

Industrial gearboxes play a vital role in numerous industrial processes, from wastewater treatment to mining operations and recycling facilities. It’s crucial to invest in gearboxes that are dependable and durable, sparing you the disappointment of premature malfunctions post-warranty.


Since our inception in 1988, Amiga Engineering has evolved from a modest operation specializing in pipe fittings and flanges to a renowned manufacturer with a vast array of capabilities. Over the past three decades, we’ve proudly provided engineering solutions to industries ranging from mining to medicine and military applications.


As an Australian-owned and operated company, we prioritize exceptional service and superior quality. Our locally manufactured Genat and Wood brand gearboxes are built to last, boasting a 30-year lifespan and a five-year warranty—unrivaled longevity for components subjected to rigorous stress.

Discover Your Ideal Gearbox Today

Delve into our individual catalogues to learn more about each brand’s offerings.

Ready to find the perfect gearbox for your needs? Contact us via phone, email, or message, and our team will promptly provide you with a tailored quote. Even if you’re unsure about your requirements, our experts are on hand to offer guidance and assistance.

With our office open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday, we’re always available to help you make the right choice. Reach out to us today—we’re here to support your industrial gearbox needs.”


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