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EOFY Again

July 3rd, 2015

Hello World,

Dee here, well, it’s the third day of the new financial year! Hopefully it can be a new beginning, or clean slate for everyone?

Have you all been clued in about Greece and their troubles? I’m sure you all have. Isn’t it sad to hear that 54% of the country is unemployed…54%! That is more than half the population. How terrible it must feel to be a citizen over there right now. My hubby is Greek and some of my colleagues are Greek, and they are in shock too. I mean, how can the world sit and watch as yet another country falls into ruins, with homeless and helpless people? It is so hard to even imagine the panic and devastation they must be feeling.

I have many things to say about this and the “higher authorities” in their ivory towers, however I don’t want to come across and maybe say something that might upset another person. This whole situation then makes me think about us Aussies here in Australia. What is happening to our stimulation for small business’s and local business support? Where has it gone, or is it still there? I know we don’t receive much support from the “higher powers” and “authorities” in their ivory towers here, so I would like to know what exactly or who exactly it is that they are talking about when they refer to “Australian business is thriving and is booming”. Where did they get this information from? I’d have to say they must be referring to the cheap importing companies that are slowly being chosen over our “Hard Yakka”, “Vegemite” and “VB” Good Ol’ Aussie brands.

Iconic Aussie Brands (only to name a few)

Iconic Aussie Brands (only to name a few)

Australia is known for its iconic Australian brands for a reason, and that is because our quality is above the rest.

10 reasons why Australian quality is better than any other: (no particular order)

1. When you buy Australian agricultural products, you are supporting Australian farmers.

2. Australian products last longer than cheap imports.

3. Australian products are robust and more durable than cheap imports.

4. Australian products are hard-wearing because they are manufactured in hard-wearing environments, and Aussies know what a tough environment needs.

5. Australians work hard to make their products; and are sometimes slightly more expensive because of the time, precision and care that we put into our products, compared to a large supply chain that make thousands of the exact same creation in a short amount of time – where many of the items come out the other end with defects.

6. When you buy Australian food or products that are grown or manufactured in Australia, the money stays here and supports Aussie farmers or local business and communities.

7. When you buy Aussie products, you are keeping Australian manufacturing more vigilant. Need a table or item that’s a bit bigger, taller or even something completely “out there”? Then you’re in the right country! Without local manufacturing, we wouldn’t stand a chance in bringing your ideas to life and making our products that little bit more special for you.

8. Not everyone can work in a “McDonalds” or “Hungry Jacks” because we need Aussie manufacturing to keep our Aussie country and people driving and thriving.

9. Australian made and owned products are growing our “home” technology. We need to input into the world, instead of just ‘buying’ other country’s technology.

10. Are you Australian? Do you live in Australia? Are you an Australian citizen? Do you have a relative that is Australian? IF you answered yes to any of these questions, you are an Australian, so keep jobs in Australia. Support your local business, support your Aussie products, support your own country! Buy Australian!

On that note, the next time you go to the shops, think about what you are buying, who you are helping, and who you are supporting.

Thankyou for keeping it Australian 🙂

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