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Metal 3D Printing, CNC Machining and Industrial Gearboxes – all in one location

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd is Australia’s only commercially available Metal 3D Printing bureau, known for knowledgeable staff, dedication and constant high level of quality products. Our Metal Additive Manufacturing service located in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia.

Metal 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) at Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd,
your local Australian company that keeps providing!

Why choose Metal 3D printing?

The technology is available to new and existing customers, which allow its clients to develop new components far exceeding the realm of conventional manufacturing.
The different industries that can benefit from our local service are too vast to name, however to mention a few are:
Automotive/Racing – Printed Titanium or Aluminium Turbines to reduce weight by a large percentage – proved approx 40%
Aerospace – Fluid Dynamics – ie: internal fluid channels, create longer and smaller holes than previously possible

Military/Defense – Custom components for a broad range of Military products ie: Surveillance Drones, Vehicle parts etc.complex parts printed easily compared to tradition CNC machining

Health/Medical – Every human is different and require custom-made prosthetics – these can be printed in any type of metal required ie: Titanium, Stainless and moreDurable Goods – Re-coating parts ie: rebuild textures on existing parts to keep costs down and quality high. plus much more

Why cast, when you can 3D Metal Print?

Casting cannot achieve 100% dense parts and suffers from material irregularities impacting on strength and quality. Metal 3D printing achieves the complexity needed for your application; whilst creating strength and longevity.

3d printed impellors

Cast parts for the automotive industry ie: turbines/impellers intake manifolds and many more can now be a product of the past. Why would you cast when you can Metal 3D Print them? Metal 3d printing is a more efficient service with greater durability and ease of producing custom support structures to suit your vehicle. Being a local company, Amiga Engineering™ can provide Metal 3D Printing with a very low lead-time. Custom and intricate turbines can now be Metal 3D printed in Titanium or any other metal, for stronger rigidity and high weight reduction.
Cost saving is a huge benefit, as worn turbines can also be built up by Additive Manufacturing.

Machining and Fabrication

CNC Machining victoria
Precision machining, as well as large machining jobs; are part of Amiga Engineering’s standard capabilities. You cannot beat the company’s experience in manufacturing and huge array of types of machining available.
Welding and Fabrication victoria

Amiga Engineering’s capabilities don’t stop at machining and Metal 3d Printing, the company also provides welding and fabrication with highly skilled welders and staff. This can be provided as a separate service, or packaged with another Amiga service.

Amiga Engineering have been the “World’s best kept secret” for many years. Large companies utilizing our products through 3rd party companies. Amiga is an OEM and are known to have the capability and skill to machine/manufacture the weird and wonderful items that others cannot.

Reaching out to past and new customers within the oil & gas industry, as well as petrochemical and and mining etc is our company aim. Amiga is about helping others and Engineering solutions to empower your ideas. The company provides this with the capabilities of our experienced machinists and machinery. For more information, visit our new website  via the “More Info” button below.

Industrial Gearboxes at your Service

inline helical gearbox australia

5 year warranty

Amiga Engineering is the only company to offer a 5 year warranty on industrial gearboxes! Not just any gearbox though, the Australian Made & Owned brand “Genat and Wood”. That’s how tough they are! Don’t risk downtime on your site with cheaply made imported products.

gearbox repairs

Due to our engineering processes, we are proudly offering an extended guarantee, where the warranty for all “Genat and Wood” Australian manufactured gearboxes will have a 60 month warranty. Written guarantee available on request. This is a Back to base warranty for all new “Genat and Wood” branded gearboxes made from 14th January 2019 onwards.

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