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Manufacturing for space

Australia’s leading launch services company, Gilmour Space Technologies, has been working with Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd to develop specialised components for their launch vehicle.

Gilmour Space is leveraging on Amiga’s Additive Manufacturing experience to gain greater efficiency in DFAM (Design For Additive Manufacturing) using Amiga’s 3D Systems DMP  (Direct Metal) printers.

Over the past 18 months, Amiga has 3D metal printed a range of critical components for Gilmour Space’s #rocket #engine design. The company’s large in-house CNC machine shop has also provided valuable post processing and #machining of critical faces for other manufactured components.

The growth of Gilmour Space in Australia, with their development of and sovereign manufacturing capability in hybrid rockets and other #space technologies, has been instrumental in helping Australian SMEs enter the global space sector.

Amiga Engineering sees itself as an enabler of such innovative companies, with the know-how and expertise in finding solutions to technical issues around the additive manufacturing and final machining of complex designs.

The team at Gilmour Space are highly #additive aware and advanced in their knowledge of space vehicle manufacturing, and Amiga is a proud partner in making some of Gilmour’s complex composite designs a reality.

Amiga Engineering has the largest service bureau in #Australia for #additivemanufacturing, with a full suite of metal and polymer 3D printers. The premium 3D Systems equipment was specifically chosen by Amiga due to the incredibly low ppm (parts per million) of oxygen content compared to other brands of metal 3D printers. A low oxygen content provides denser parts with the least porous finish and amount of post processing involved.

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