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Missed opportunities are the worst opportunities but they can help you keep an eye out for another opportunity. You may not realise you have missed an opportunity until you look back on something or have a deeper thought/think and see a sign. I was watching the movie “The Breakfast Club” the other weekend (it’s played a number of weekends on Foxtel lately) and it reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago, which may not be online anymore since we changed/updated our websites in 2017/2018. Breakfast Club A snippet from this article is: “…We have found that after touching base with a number of past customers, some believed that Genat and Wood had stopped being manufactured? Well guess what? That is incorrect…Genat and Wood are here and will be here to support you as you have supported us in the past…A song that keeps playing in my mind while writing this newsletter is the Breakfast Club song…”Don’t you, forget about me…Don’t don’t don’t…don’t you, forget about me..” I have a mission for you all, if you choose to accept it…..and that is to walk over to your machines, pumps, shredders, stirrers, mixers, aerators and conveyor systems, and have a look at the motor and gearhead that are running them. Have a look at the brand and see if it is our “Reliably Australian” industrial gearhead. If not Genat and Wood, then I believe it will be our Varmec gearhead or Tramec range of product. If it is one of the 3, then I dare you to take a couple of minutes and send me an e-mail….” Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies and it still holds up, and the theme song is one of my favourites too…you can’t go wrong with a classic! Classic movie, classic song, classic car or even a classic industrial gearbox brand such as “Genat and Wood” ? Colonel Sanders Age 66I saw a clip about Colonel Sanders today – about his life and how KFC became what it is today. I was in awe at what he went through and what he endured, but at the end of it all and after a number of attempts he came out the other side with something he could cherish and that others can too. I think this clip is a great inspiration and can give you a few things to think about My comment was: I think it’s incredible what Sanders went through – perfect example of never giving up, pursuing what you believe is right, starting from nothing and growing to be something. Went through extremely hard times, but kept going until he succeeded. He would have stayed positive throughout everything to keep himself going and even though it was further down the track (in his 60’s and 70’s) he was finally able to settle, be proud and happy with his accomplishments. Sanders had a rough time in his younger years, but in his later years he seems to have been able to find his real love and passion. Reminds me of something someone special said to me once – “the best day of your life may soon be to come”. This article is food for thought for the week – I know I have missed a number of opportunities in everything including life and work; so if you miss an opportunity, don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t give up because there will be plenty more to come. Keep at it and stay positive – try a new way, try new technology (eg: Metal 3D Printing), innovate, initiate and you can succeed. Even if it feels like a lifetime you can do it. The link to see the full clip about Colonel Sanders through facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/cheddar/videos/can-you-believe-colonel-sanders-created-kfc-at-the-age-of-66/1960828074237921/
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