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Major General Bottrell Supporting More Local Australian SME Capability!

In a recent visit, Major General Andrew Bottrell of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was impressed by the capabilities of Amiga Engineering, a Victorian based company. The focus of the visit was on Amiga’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and their potential to contribute to eh DF’s on going efforts. The visit was a part of ADF’s efforts to support local SME’s and strengthen the Australian Defence industry’s’ supply chain.

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Thankyou Defence Connect for featuring Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd story in your latest news! We’re thrilled to have our company’s capabilities and achievements highlighted by such a respected publication in the Defence Industry

Thankyou to Defence Connect and Media team, and thankyou again Major General Andrew Bottrell.

Amiga Engineering is soaring to new heights as they use cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce for the Defence, Aerospace and Space industries. With great excitement, Amiga is proud to contribute to Australia’s Defence capabilities and beyond.

From Earth to the starts, Amiga is on a mission to manufacture with excellence and precision with our advanced manufacturing.

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