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Amiga Metal 3d The AM Hub and Deakin University is hosting a one-day educational event at the Geelong campus to introduce people in the manufacturing industry to the possibilities offered with additive manufacturing. Organised in partnership with the Additive Manufacturing Hub and AMTIL, the event will feature an extensive program of speakers from both industry and academia. Registrations are closing fast, so if you are booked in to visit, the Amiga team look forward to seeing you there. Amiga is excited to be taking part in the education event hosted by the AM Hub at Deakin University. Amiga Engineering’s very own MD Michael Bourchier is also part of the AM Hub Committee. You can start your exhibitor experience by seeing the amazing 3D Metal printing capabilities that Amiga can provide. Visit our sites www.metal3d.com.au or www.amigaeng.com.au

What Else is New:

Amiga Engineering Metal 3D are now providing Polymer/Plastic 3D printing services, and are a partner reseller of the 3D Systems printing equipment.

Landforces 2020 will be held in Brisbane and Amiga may be exhibiting there this year. More information TBA Amiga Engineering are planning an ‘Open House’ event in 2020 to showcase our latest facility upgrades and 3d Printing equipment. Ideally second half of the year. More details TBA.
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