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The Genat and Wood brand is one of the few that are manufactured to suite any brand of motor that has a universal IEC Fitment. Which means you can easily unbolt the existing motor, unplug it, plug in a new one, bolt it on and you are ready to run.

Some of the older style Genat and Wood branded gearheads have the ‘old style’ input which uses and “R” adaptor and internal draw bolt which holds the electric motor’s shaft to the gearbox input shaft.

Incorporated in the design is the utilisation of standard shaft and flange mounted motors to AS 1360 PHO & IEC 72 + 34.1

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Amiga offer the service of interchanging the 'old style' input to the 'new style' input for user ease.

The gearboxes can also be fitted with brake, 2 speed, single phase and D.C. motors. Additional options such as clutch/brake, anti run back bearings, external cooling fans are available, contact Amiga Engineering for more information. The flexibility of design enables motor/gearbox units to be changed in kW rating if necessary provided the maximum torque capacity of the gearbox is not exceeded.

By incorporating standard metric flange mount motors in our design, this enables rapid change if required keeping down time to a minimum, and also permit the flexibility of fitting alternative client specified motor brands.


The bearings fitted to all units have been selected to match the output requirement of the gearbox. Sturdy tapered roller bearings are utilised in the majority of gearboxes, with preference to the Timken Tapered Roller, due to its superior load carrying capaCity and back up service throughout Australia, incorporating locally manufactured sizes where possible.


All castings are Red Oxide Zinc Chromate crank case sealed prior to final assembly and units are finished with a top coat of Genat & Wood Blue air drying enamel as standard. Specialised coatings eg: 2 pack epoxy, polyurethane or surface finish to partiCUlar specifications are available upon request.


Every Genat & Wood Geared Drive has a stainless steel nameplate fitted, contributing to corrosion resistance, enabling full details of gearbox to be identified at all times.


In addition to the standard features on the Genat & Wood gearbox, the following options are also available upon request.

Our in house manufacturing facility offers you the flexibility of special requirements.

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Heritage of the Genat and Wood Pty Ltd brand

Embarking on a Legacy: The Genat & Wood™ Gearboxes Story

In 1976, amidst the Australian industrial landscape, two visionaries, John Genat and Ken Wood, joined forces to create a brand that would not only meet the nation’s industrial needs but do so with unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. The Genat & Wood Company was born, dedicated to designing, developing, and crafting Helical Geared Motors and Reducers right here in Australia.

However, as time marched on, the Australian industrial scene faced its own transformations. The storied Charle and Hunting brand, once a beacon of innovation, had closed its doors in the ’70s, leaving a void in the industry. It was then that John Genat and Ken Wood stepped up, continuing the legacy of superior gearbox manufacturing that Australia had come to rely on.

Fast forward to 2009, and a new chapter was penned as Amiga Engineering took the reins, acquiring Genat and Wood from the receivers. Amiga Engineering recognized the importance of preserving the heritage and ‘Keeping it Australian.’ With a commitment to quality and local manufacturing, Amiga rejuvenated the Genat and Wood brand, proudly producing these exceptional gearheads in-house in Tullamarine, Victoria.

Today, the Genat and Wood brand stands as a symbol of Australian craftsmanship, innovation, and reliability. It’s not just another gearbox; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of local industry. Amiga Engineering’s dedication to quality has ensured that these gearheads find their place in industries that demand excellence, including those where top-end brands once reigned supreme. From revitalizing legacy applications to new horizons like Australian Navy installations, Genat and Wood gearboxes continue to drive Australian industries forward.

We care deeply about quality and manufacturing within our great nation. That’s why we proudly declare our Genat and Wood gearheads as ‘Australian Made,’ a distinction that’s not just a label but a testament to our commitment to the Australian manufacturing heritage. You can find us on the official Australian Made website, a mark of distinction for products truly forged on Australian soil.

Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of Genat and Wood gearboxes – a story of Australian ingenuity, precision, and resilience. Contact us today to discover how Genat and Wood can elevate your machinery and be part of this remarkable journey.

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