Industrial Gearboxes


  • Australian Made
  • Cast iron exterior for durability and longevity, especially in harsh environments
  • Reliable and known to last for 30+ years with proper maintenance
  • Due to long life expectancy, the Genat and Wood brand of gearheads are perfect for refurbishments and overhauls


  • Inline Helical with single, double and tri-stage of gears to create a greater range of output speeds to suit application needs
  • The Single stage units are perfect for pump applications, high-speed requirements and confined space areas
  • Two/double stage units are suitable for stronger conditions and middle range of speeds
  • Slow turning output speeds require either a three stage gearhead, or for even slower revolutions you can enquire on a dual gearbox, which is an additional reduction gearbox driving the main gearhead

Genat & Wood™

Helical Geared Motors, Reducers, Variable Speed Drives.

Genat and Wood™ pride themselves in currently offering the most extensive range of Australian made Helical inline Geared Drives, combining in excess of 100 years experience in this specialised field. The Genat & Wood™ Company was established to support Australian Industry with design, development and manufacture within the country, of a comprehensive range of Helical Geared Motors and Reducers. Manufacture is carried out at Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd, Tullamarine, Victoria, where a full compliment of spares are maintained for prompt shipment throughout the world if required. The Genat and Wood™ gearbox is of modular design incorporating easily available componentry to ensure that down time is held to a minimum.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd™ are the sole manufacturers of Genat and Wood™ gearboxes and gearbox parts; that are used to rebuild. We, at Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd™, are the only manufacturers and producers of genuine Genat & Wood™ parts. They are manufactured in Australia, by an Australian company.

The comprehensive Genat and Wood Range also includes Mechanical Friction Disc and Belt Type Variable Speed Drives, together with specialised units such as Surface Aerator Gearboxes for waste water treatment etc. Genat and Wood™ offer a range covering 0.37kw through 132kw input power, with an output torque capaCity of up to and including 18000Nm in foot or flange mount, and are available for use in many mounting positions Ref. Page 6. Since 1976 Genat and Wood™ have expanded their range of products and updated designs to keep abreast of world class competition. The in-house design and manufacturing facility boasts the latest CNC lathes, for shafts, gearing blanks and adaptors along with CNC machining centres for housings and CNC grinder for optimum gear finish.

Electric Motors

Incorporated in the design is the utilisation of standard shaft and flange mounted motors to AS 1360 PHO & IEC 72 + 34.1

The Genat & Wood Gearbox can be supplied with “Increased Safety” motors in accordance with I.E.C. and A.S. standards as follows:

  • Ex ‘e’ protection increased safety to A.S. 2380
  • Ex ‘n’ protection non sparking to A.S. 2238
  • Ex ‘d’ protection flameproof to A.S. 2480
  • D.I.P. protection dust excluding ignition proof to A.S. 2236 I.E.C. 34.5
  • Degree of protection A.S. 1359-5


  • Screen protected
  • Spray proof


  • Totally enclosed
  • Splash proof


  • Totally enclosed
  • Splash proof


  • Dust protected
  • Hose proof


  • Dust protected
  • Protected against heavy seas
  • Protected against driving rain


  • Dust tight
  • Water tight

The gearboxes can also be fitted with brake, 2 speed, single phase and D.C. motors. Additional options such as clutch/brake, anti run back bearings, external cooling fans are available, contact your nearest Genat & Wood office. The flexibility of design enables motor/gearbox units to be changed in kW rating if necessary provided the maximum torque capacity of the gearbox is not exceeded.

By incorporating standard metric flange mount motors in our design, this enables rapid change if required keeping down time to a minimum, and also permit the flexibility of fitting alternative client specified motor brands.


All helical geared unit efficiencies are determined by gearing and bearing friction. Efficiency ranges between 94% (3 stages) and 98% (Single Stage).


All gearing is manufactured from high grade Nickel Chromium Steel, case hardened for positive power transfer and ground or cross axis shaved to keep noise levels to a minimum. All gearing is of the module form helical type.

The gears are fixed to their transfer shafts by heat shrink interference fits and case hardened keys, secured by circlips. All gearing is manufactured in accordance with AGMA standard specifications.(American Gear Manufacturers Association).


All shafting is manufactured from high grade carbon steel, with fine finish to ensure accuracy of parallelinetry and tolerances. Feather keys are used at all times to assist in the fitting of couplings and sprockets and key retention.


Gearbox housings and adaptors are either ductile SG or pearlitic grey close grained cast iron. All housings are a one piece casting with feet integrally cast to give maximum rigidity and strength to the mounting.


The bearings fitted to all units have been selected to match the output requirement of the gearbox. Sturdy tapered roller bearings are utilised in the majority of gearboxes, with preference to the Timken Tapered Roller, due to its superior load carrying capaCity and back up service throughout Australia, incorporating locally manufactured sizes where possible.


All castings are Red Oxide Zinc Chromate crank case sealed prior to final assembly and units are finished with a top coat of Genat & Wood Blue air drying enamel as standard. Specialised coatings eg: 2 pack epoxy, polyurethane or surface finish to partiCUlar specifications are available upon request.


Every Genat & Wood Geared Drive has a stainless steel nameplate fitted, contributing to corrosion resistance, enabling full details of gearbox to be identified at all times.


In addition to the standard features on the Genat & Wood gearbox, the following options are also available upon request.

  • Labyrinth seals
  • Filtered breathers
  • Sight glasses
  • Dip sticks
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Special shafts (including stainless steel)
  • Special adaption

Our in house manufacturing facility offers you the flexibility of special requirements.

If you would like to contact us in regards to our Genat and Wood™ Gearboxes and products;

Email Us: salesgw@amigaeng.com.au or Call us on: +61 3 9330 0688

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