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Aerator Units

special green aerator unitThe Genat and Wood™ aerator units and series is synonymous with robust design providing long service life and increase durability which make these gearboxes ideal for important applications such as aerators. Such as the unit installed on the right at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand hydro plant. This Aerator dissolves oxygen into pond water through the high-speed impeller of the submersible motor. It produces many tiny oxygen bubbles when the impeller infuses a mix of oxygen and water. It disperses the oxygen bubbles through the body of the water quickly and purifies the water.

aerator unit installation

The Genat and Wood range of Aerator units is known for it’s long service life and robust service factors leading to excellent power density. As a result, comparing with other gearheads out there, there is little comparison. Therefore, Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd can outperform many reputable companies with our overhung loads and service factors.

Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd were the first Australian Surface Aerator manufacturers. Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd are also the only Australian Surface Aerator manufacturers from 1976. All of our Aeration products are made locally in Australia, with Australian/local materials and manufactured by an Australian company.

If you are looking for Australian Aerators, call us at Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd are the only successful Australian manufacturers for Aerator gearboxes.


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7000 Series Aerator Unit

7000 Series Aerator Unit


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