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Fixed Centre Drives

This type of drive package consists of a mechanically operated driver pulley mounted on the motor shaft, a spring-loaded pulley mounted on the driven shaft and a variable speed belt running between the two pulleys.

The centre-distance between the motor and the driven shafts is set at one position and never changes.

A 1:1 ratio between the motor and the driven shafts occurs when the belt is in the median pitch diamete of both pulleys.

Outbound speed is reduced by turning the handwheel on the motor pulley, while the drive is running, to mechanically open the pulley face. This allows the belt to drop down to a lower pitch diameter on the driver pulley, while spring pressume in the driven pulley force the belt to  a higher pitch diameter.

Speed increase is accomplished in exactly the opposite manner. By mechanically forcing the driver pulley faces together and the belt is forced to a higher pitch diameter and thereby drawn to a smaller pitch diameter on the driven pulley.

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Fixed Centre Variable Speed Drive

Fixed Centre Variable Speed Drive

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