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Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd is located in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia. High quality products are what we manufacture and we proudly support local business. We are a busy specialised Engineering Machine shop and Fabricating company, servicing the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Transmission, Medical, Food and General Industry.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd are looking for an employee who loves creating items from metal, and wants to be an integral part of the team.

Do you have experience in: TIG, MIG, Polishing, Sheetmetal, Brakepress, Rolling Stainless, Carbon, Alloy Steel. Light, Heavy work? – then keep reading, because this could be the job for you.

If you have the ability to learn quickly, author weld procedures and contribute ideas to make the work better and faster and the workplace safer and more efficient – then send us your resume.

About the Job

Amiga’s work varies frequently and greatly. One day you could be welding a 1200mm diameter, 90mm thick machine component and the next day 50mm diameter doughnuts with 1mm wall thickness.

Still the next day you may be fabricating and polishing a large food-grade agitator. Everyday that you work with Amiga Engineering, you’ll be applying your knowledge, skills and experience without risk of being bored, as well as being proud of the works you helped make.

Amiga Engineering believes in hiring skilled people with the skills and experience to manage their own jobs and time, as well as contribute to problem solving.

So this role is quite autonomous, meaning you’ll be encouraged to take control of the fabrication section and make it your very own. One Man Welding Section working with Machinists


We need a welder who is able to do:TIG, MIG, Polishing, Sheetmetal, Brakepress, Rolling Stainless, Carbon, Alloy Steel. Light, Heavy work.One Man Welding Section working with Machinists

Who We Seek

We seek an enthusiastic, versatile, can-do person with a positive attitude and strong proficiency in fabrication – especially with stainless-steel and its polishing.

Of course, you must possess solid experience with TIG and MIG welding and your attention to detail is above par. You’ll relish applying your flexibility to multi-tasking in a high-output environment.

Minimum Skills You Need to Apply

To be successful in this role you must be either proficient in, or have substantial experience with:

  • TIG and MIG setting up and welding with a good understanding of purge welding.
  • Fabricating and welding a variety of metals such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Brake presses, rolls, guillotines, drill presses and other tools of trade.
  • Reading and understanding engineering drawings, welding symbols and terminology
  • Cut Geometry and marking out
  • Cutting, grinding and otherwise preparing materials for fabrication and welding
  • Assembly
  • NDT
  • Visual inspection of welds and the determination of compliance with standards. Skills That Make You More Attractive
  • If you have manual lathe and milling experience, this is a bonus.

Above award wages will be paid commensurate with experience and ability.


Email your application and resume to or send / deliver to:

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

9-11 Silicon Place


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