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TLS FRD Series Gearbox

The Tramec TLS FRD Series Gearbox are still available!

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd have a large variety of shelf stock that must go! The TLS FRD Series gearboxes are appreciated for their noise-free operation and reliability. This has been achieved by the systematic control of processes. Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd only keep stock of the Cast Iron versions of the FRD series because of the quality, strength, stability and durability.

The TLS FRD series gearbox is a Worm gearbox with motor flange for ease of attaching and detaching electrical motor. All gears are manufactured to ensure long life and wear-strength. Click here to go to our “Contact” page and contact Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd for more information, or a free quote.

Sizes available:

FRD 85

FRD 70

FRD 63

FRD 50

If you would like to find out what ratios we have available, please call Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd on 03 9330 0688 or e-mail

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