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Special Machining

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd are known for special machining to customer Specs/drawings. If you need the weird or wonderful made, then Amiga Engineering is the company for you! Our company performs most types of general, precision, and 3D machining, as well as welding and fabrication. Amiga Engineering’s most relevant competency is the ability to turn diameters up to 2.8 Meters…..that’s right 2.8 Meters! We can mill lengths up to 4.3 Meters and wash grind to 1.2 Meters.

Examples of Special Machining to Customer Specs/Drawings

If you require a specialised product or special machining then contact Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd. We can manufacture anything out of any type of metal and almost all types of material…you name it, we can do it!

Checkout our Specialised Products page here.

For more information on what we can do for you, call us on 03 9330 0688 or e-mail

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