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Flange Fittings & Machining Projects

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd is “Australia’s Best Kept Secret, Where the Impossible is Possible”.

Amiga Engineering has been involved in a large number of projects that not many customers would be aware of, as we were either approached as a third party manufacturer/supplier or directly to the project awarded company. We are the specialists for Flange Fittings & Machining projects, so why would you go any where else? Have a look at our list of projects that Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd have been involved in (only to name a few)

You can find our flange and fittings on almost every oil rig in Australia!

Not only does Amiga Engineering manufacture Pipe Fittings and Flanges,

We also manufacture Spades, Blinds, Tube Sheets, Heat Exchangers, Shafts and any other product. Amiga Engineering also takes pride in the “special” orders.

Amiga Engineering has proudly manufactured the “wierd and wonderful” products that customers ask for. If you have a drawing or spec, send it to us, and we can provide.

Checkout the extended tabs for a list of Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Project involvement.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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