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Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd have proudly contributed to countless projects in the past, at current and are aiming for the future.

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd has always been “The World’s Best Kept Secret” because not many companies realise that Amiga Engineering™ were behind the manufacture of almost all Pipe Fittings and Flanges for certain, now famous, Projects.

Amiga has dabbled in many large and small projects such as:

  • Woodside- Gas Train 4                                 Various Flanges A105, F316L,LF2
  • Santos-Moomba                                             Orifice Flanges, A105N, LF2
  • Apache-Gibson Plato                                     1500# Sub sea Flanges F65
  • Apache-Simpson Development                   1500# RTJWN Swivels F65/F52
  • Duke Energy-Bass Strait Gas                       600# Flanges, Weldolets
  • ESSO-Longford Extension                            Flanges, Nozzles, Bleed inserts, Spec blinds
  • Transfield Worley-Maintenance                  Various Flanges, Orifice, Nippo’s
  • QLD Power                                                      Various Flanges F316L, A105N
  • Quenos-Maintenance                                    Flanges A105N, Fittings NPT
  • BP-Bulwer Island Refinery                           Nozzle necks and Flanges Various
  • Modec-Indonesia                                            Large Flanges and Swivels
  • PT Pro-Indonesia                                            Hydrocyclone Plates, Flanges Duplex
  • Bayu Undan Project                                        Flanges, Specblinds, Orifice plates, 316L and Duplex
  • Shell Refinery’s Corio-Cracker Project        Various Flanges F316L, F11, A105
  • BHP’s HBI Port Hedland Project                  Orifice Flanges, A105N, LF2
  • Clough Offshore-Apache Project                  16” #1500 Sub sea Flanges F65
  • Clough Offshore-Wonnich Project              8” #1500 RTJWN F65/F52
  • East Spar Alliance-Various                            14” #1500 Sub sea Swivels & Flanges
  • ESSO-Longford Restoration                         Flanges, Heavy Nozzles, Bleed inserts etc
  • Murrin Murrin Project                                  Inconel, Titanium Machining
  • Olympic Dam Project                                    Various Flanges F316L, A105N
  • Woodside-Cossack Pioneer                          Din Flanges A105N
  • Woodside-Gas Train 3                                   Nozzle necks and Flanges Various
  • Woodside-Goodwyn A Platform                  Large Flanges and Nozzles
  • APM-Chlorine storage                                   Cover Plates, Flanges Duplex
  • Technip-Kupe                                                  F65 RTJWN Sub sea Riser with overlay
  • Worley Parsons-Stabilizer 6                          Specblinds, spades, spacers and bleed rings
  • Worley Parsons-Vapor Line                          Spades and Spacers A240-316L
  • Woodside-Phase V Expansion                      300NB Lateral Tees A182-304L
  • PETRONAS Malaysia – AMC                         50NB – 1500NB Self reinforced Nozzles carbon/ alloy
  • Bechtel                                                              Hi Chrome Liners and retaining flanges/cones-Comalco

The above projects are only a small list of projects that Amiga was chosen to manufacture high quality goods for.

For more information or for pricing on any spare parts/replacement parts, please contact Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd on 03 9330 0688 or e-mail

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