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History of Varmec

The History of Varmec, in a nutshell…

In 1980, situated in the city Thiene, of the province Vicenza, located west of Venice and east of Milan, Varmec was first established. Thiene is known for its industrial sector, which includes the manufacture of Varmec industrial products.


Varmec began their business in manufacturing the mechanical speed variators – also known as VAR types. In the early 90’s, Varmec felt the need to start manufacturing the in-line gearbox series. Varmec forecasted fading in the use of the mechanic speed variators due to the spread of the frequency inverters.

All Varmec goods are manufactured and completed with polyester epoxy painted inside and out for durability, aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

Varmec then continued expanding their range of in-line gearboxes due to the high demand of their high quality product. Varmec later introduced the “A”luminium version of their cast iron gearboxes.

Varmec "A"luminium Series

                 Varmec “A”luminium Series

The different options available for Aluminium or Cast Iron types of gearboxes has expanded Varmec’s place in the market, and has helped them grow into the renowned brand that they are today. Varmec have given the Australian agency to Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd, since we acquired Genat and Wood™.

Varmec Cast Iron Range

                     Varmec Cast Iron Range

You can find Varmec Variable Speed Drives and helical reducers running high quality machine tools, conveyor systems, mine pumping systems, and in positions of significant performance. The cast iron range of Varmec CV and RCV series, is favoured by many because their functionality is similar to that of the Australian Made brand Genat and Wood™. Amiga Engineering™ supports, assembles and supply both Varmec and Genat and Wood™ branded industrial gearboxes, along with the superb Italian brand Tramec.

Varmec Italy Machining

Varmec and Amiga Engineering™ have a strong relationship to this day, and continue to work together to create high quality products. Varmec and Amiga Engineering™ care about our customers, and we care that your manufactured goods work to the highest ability possible.

Varmec has had over 35 years experience in the transmission industry, and produce high-class products. Call Amiga Engineering™ today, and ask about the exquisite Varmec series of gearboxes and variators.

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