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Fitting and Flange Testing & Inspection

Fitting and Flange Testing & Inspection requirements for Flanges & Fittings:

Non destructive testing NDT (UT, DPI, MPI) Qualified Personnel NATA endorsed

Magnetic Partical Inspection

Ultrasonic Inspection

G48 Corrosion and Pitting testadaptor copy optomised 2

Sigma Phase testing

Visual and dimensional testing is carried out on forgings before, during and after manufacture; to customer requirements. 

Charpy Impact and Hardness Testing of materials is carried out on all materials prior to machining where required.

Tensile and Chemical Analysis

Heat Treatment Records

Ferrite Count,

Micrographical Analysis,

Ferrite scope and other tests available if required.

Full MDR (Material Data Records) can be supplied for project work – with complete traceability

If you would like to find out more on our testing and inspection services for your Flange or Fitting order, please e-mail us at: OR Call us on: 03 9330 0688

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