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Maintenance Manuals

Do you need to order some spare parts for your Genat & Wood™ Gearbox; however you are unsure of the part numbers or name of the parts?

Would you like some information and details of your Genat and Wood™ gearbox?

Do you need an oil change for your gearbox, however you are unsure how much to apply?


Genat & Wood™ offer Maintenance Manuals for all your Genat & Wood™ gearboxes and aerators.


Maintenance Manual Cover Example

Maintenance Manual Cover Example

What we need:

  1. The serial number (this should be stamped on the name plate of your gearbox)
  2. If you are unable to read the serial number, please provide a photo of the name plate and e-mail it to my below e-mail address
  3. Any extra information from the name plate of your gearbox (eg. RPM, Frame, KW input, Ratio or Mounting Position)


Information that we are able to provide you with is:

  • Installation – connecting the driven load, shaft alignment, mounting positions etc.
  • Commissioning – Check procedures, running in period etc.
  • Maintenance & Lubrication
  • Electric Motor instructions
  • General servicing information
  • Oil Quantities
  • Dimensions with Spare parts diagram and identification of your current parts (YES, even if your gearbox is over 30 years old).
  • And more…


If you would like a Maintenance Manual or Service Manual for your gearbox please e-mail me at:


Call me on: 03 9330 0688

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