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Strip & Report

Has your gearbox broken down or stopped working?

Does your gearbox make different noises than it used to?

Has your gearbox been running smoothly for up to 30 years or more, however it just doesn’t seem to be as fine tuned as before?

Does your gearbox look rusty due to your environment and you want someone to have a look inside to make sure everything is still in working order?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, then please send us an e-mail or give us a call in regards to our Strip & Report Service.

You can send us your Genat & Wood™, Varmec or Tramec Gearbox or Speed Variator and we will complete a Strip & Report for you.


What is a Strip & Report?

If you send us your gearhead, we will strip down all the parts for you and write a report on our findings. We will also report on any parts that need replacing due to damage or other variables.

Depending on the Series of Gearbox you have, there is only the one charge for the Strip & Report.

When we, at Genat & Wood™, send you the Report with photos, we will also send a quote for replacement parts and the cost of a rebuild (if it is economical).

If the damage to your gearbox is too great, and it is not an economical rebuild, we will quote a new replacement gearbox for you instead.


Please note:

When a Strip down of any gearbox occurs, ALL Bearings, Seals, Circlips and oil will always need to be replaced when a gearbox is put back together for you.

There is only the one charge for the initial Strip & Report (pricing varies depending on the series/frame of gearbox you have sent us) – however, this charge does not include the rebuild price or any parts that need replacing (these prices will be advised on our reply quote for rebuild to you).

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