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Special Colours

820 Gearbox with Special Colour Finish

820 Gearbox with Special Colour Finish


Aerator Unit Painted Green

Aerator Unit Special Colour Finish


Here at Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd, we love trying new things.

For our Genat and Wood™ gearbox range, all castings are Red Oxide Zinc Chromate crank case sealed prior to final assembly and units are finished with a top coat of Genat & Wood™ Blue enamel as standard.

If you do not want our standard blue colour finish, and require a specific colour finish for aesthetics,  or just for fun, we are able to provide this service for you.

Specific coloured gearboxes are available upon request at time of quoting.

All we need from you (the customer) is the colour number from the “Kingston Paints” colour chart.

Once we have this from you, we will purchase this in an enamel (or specialized coating if requested), and will match it as closely as we can for you.

Depending on the environment that the gearbox is being used in, we may need to use a specialized coating, however this will all be noted at time of quoting for you.

There is a paint setup fee that will be added to your pricing, and will vary depending on which Genat & Wood™ gearbox series, availability of the colour required, and type of coating required.

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