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December 7th, 2017

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd are now at the forefront of technology in regards to 3D printing. I’m not talking about plastic 3D printing either, I’m talking about METAL 3D Printing!

Hold onto your hats Australia, because Amiga Engineering have implemented, and are now one of the FIRST commercial, industrial 3D metal printing companies for Australia woohoo!

3D plastic printing has launched into the world in a successful way. It has taken some time, but the market is out in the world for anyone and everyone to incorporate plastic 3D printing into their work or home lives. The new technology and revolutionary advantage now is 3D Metal printing! That’s right, you read it correctly, 3D Metal Printing!

Checkout Amiga Engineering’s articles written by “iTWire” and “Australian Security” for our exciting new service…Amiga Engineering 3D METAL PRINTING!!!

Original press release was written by Australian Security Magazine (below iTWire’s article link), Amiga Engineering is at the leading edge of technology, and our industry. Don’t miss out on reading about a new change for a local Australian Business!

Everyone, put your hands together for a very motivated and enthusiastic company;

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd!

For the ITWire Article, please click on the below link click here

For the Australian Security Magazine article, please click here

For a while now, Amiga Engineering have been implementing new systems, processes and forms of machining/manufacturing that will help us stand out in the crowd. Amiga Engineering has always been the company “Where the impossible is Possible”. Finally, after a long period of research and development, we can begin the exciting new venture. Amiga Engineering 3D Metal printing is an added service to our company’s existing in-house machine shop/workshop, creating the ability to do almost anything and everything for you!

I believe that all current, past and new customers will benefit from this thrilling new service we can offer. It is a new voyage and expedition for Australia, and Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd is honoured to be at the forefront of new technologies for our country. As a result; not only will Amiga Engineering be able to service Australia (instead of outsourcing to another country), but we will also be able to service other countries that do not have the ability as yet, and who prefer high quality intricate products.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?


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