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Magnificent Seven

October 4th, 2016

Hello World, Dee here, how is everyone? Did everyone have a nice long weekend? We took our little one to the movies (his last weekend of school holidays) and we saw the remake of Magnificent Seven. Guess what? It was magnificent!

magnificent seven

It is a very good story line: Seven lone gunslingers unite to save a desperate town from a dastardly villain, eventually realizing they’re in it more for doing the right thing than for a payday. It has a lot of action in it, which made my boys happy, but it also had a lot of heart. The heart felt feelings of helping a town to save the people came through as the movie goes along. These seven strangers did not know the town from a bar of soap, but they took the risk in giving a helping hand; even when they realised it could be a one-way trip. The magnificent seven, with their fast speed gun shooting and quick hands wanted to help the “little guys”.


This made me think about local support and small business support…if you have an upcoming project, why don’t you give a small business or local business a try or an opportunity to quote on product and service? If you have an upcoming order that needs to be filled, why not hunt around for a small or local business that can provide that support for you? Don’t keep going to the usual big business, how about try an Australian manufacturer? Any opportunity is a good opportunity. If Denzel Washington’s character didn’t take a chance on a small, not very well known town, it would have been a different story…or basically no movie at all hey? Let’s see if we can work Magnificent Seven style.


I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I will now…Go Doggies!!! (sorry if any of you are a Sydney supporter). Did you all watch the Grand Final on Saturday? We did, and how amazing did the doggies keep up their fight. They didn’t back down, they kept trying and pushing and Sydney felt the pressure. This isn’t going to be an article to “bag” Sydney, it is to appreciate the foundation of the Western Bulldogs – their alliance to one another and team work.


When the players were receiving their medals, I kept saying “Murphy should get a medal, he did a lot of hard work before he was injured, Murphy should get a medal…” then Luke Beveridge asked Bob Murphy onto the stage and gave him his own medal. “What a Champion!” I yelled. (I don’t even follow the doggies, I’m a huge Carlton supporter hahaha). How amazing and selfless is that? Coach didn’t have to do that, but he just proved how much of a down-to-earth bloke he really is. That just showed the type of noble bloke he really is.

Food for thought for the week: think of something noble you might be able to do, whether it be to give an opportunity to a supplier you haven’t used in a while, or instead of giving a project/order opportunity to your standard international large business, why not give this chance to a local Australian manufacturer? If one person from each business in Australia did this, Australian manufacturing/business could possibly boom.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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