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Support us like the Grand Finals

September 27th, 2016

Hello world, Dee here.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you all watch the preliminary finals with the Doggies vs. GWS?

My family and I did. It was such a great match and it was close the whole game. It’s not as exciting when you watch a footy match and then it’s a complete blow out and you know from the first quarter who will win. Saturdays game had us all sitting on the edge of our seat biting our nails. It’s fantastic when the underdogs win…the Bulldogs story this season certainly has been a Cinderella story. Since the start of the year, they’ve been fighting for what they believe in and have definitely earnt their spot in the Grand Final this weekend.


I was listening to the radio on my way into work yesterday morning, and the radio hosts were asking anyone to call up who are excited about the bulldogs being in the Finals. It was wonderful to hear so many callers ring up and cheer on the doggies. They weren’t all Bulldog supporters either, they were all so happy for the Western Bulldogs to get in. They all empathized and imagined how they would feel if it were their own teams. I thought it was incredible to hear a state come together as one and cheer on for the dogs.


Why can’t it be like this with support for locals? If we all thought of it as a Grand Final match, maybe we as a nation would have a chance? I don’t mean, walk into your meetings with blue and white paint on your face screaming “Sons of the West, Red, White and Blue…” I mean, it doesn’t help us that the Government sold an Australian dock to the Chinese, or that the Government support cheap low quality imports instead of high quality and Australian products. It also doesn’t help when the Government doesn’t support an equal “playing” field between big business and small business. It would be an ideal country if we could all support our Australian Made products before the cheap imports hey?


I’m a big Blues supporter (Carlton FC), and I was still happy and was screaming with joy when the Bulldogs won on Saturday. It would be great if we could all support each other in the same way don’t you think?

I’ll leave this food for thought for you this week: Support your local business like you’ll be supporting the Grand Final team this weekend!


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