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August 2nd, 2016

Hello World, Dee here,

How has everyone been? It’s been a little while since I last posted, I’ve definitely been keeping busy, and as I’m sure you all have.

Yesterday my son was working on an assignment, where he watched a youtube video in class and was given the text on a piece of paper. He had to read through and highlight the important points of the article.

This particular article was about agricultural farming and the changes that the agricultural industry is going through. My son would read me the points he thinks are important and then I’d ask him to explain it in his own words. There was a point in there that struck me with a bit of happiness and relief that some schools believe it is important: Agricultural farming equipment manufacture is not as strongly supported as it used to be – this is due to imports taking over our country’s own products.


The price of local agricultural farming has increased, but this is due to quality over quantity. Many farming companies are trying to keep their fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry natural; with no additives or pesticides.

Support Dairy Farmers

This is frustrating to many farmers and their communities because they are keeping their land and product natural, whilst other international farmers/companies are using chemicals and techniques to produce more products, but at a lower standard and lower health benefit.

I was quite proud of my son and how he explained what he thought the article was about, because it meant that he does listen to my rants and ravings about Australian Manufacturing and Local products needing support. It means, that some schools are hopefully teaching the younger generations about the issues that Local manufacturers have to deal with currently. This means that maybe what we say is being passed down to our young ones and their friends, and this could possibly be a step closer to making a change! To support your locals!

Aussie Helpers

What I am disappointed in is our Australian Government, if I can reach out to a class of young students who can possibly shape our future, why isn’t the Government doing anything at their end to help support their own country? Why is it, that when a local business writes to the Australian Government, they write a letter back saying Thank you, but maybe you should ask the incoming government. So does this mean that the current party did not believe they were going to stay in power? Does this mean that current party just wanted to wash their hands clean and hope some one else can deal with the ongoing rising issues that are facing our local business’ today? Did they hope that maybe I’d sit back and say, “oh well, I tried once I’ll stop now”? Well guess what, I have not given up!

Support Australian Manufacturing

Support Australian Manufacturing

We all need to stand together and fight for what is right! Fight to support local business and local manufacturers! Fight to keep Australian manufacturing alive! Fight to keep the schools teaching students about these issues we are faced with now, because it will become part of Australian history. Support your local farmers and agricultural communities! Support your local business!

Support Australian Manufacturing!

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