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The Land Down Under

September 4th, 2015

Hello World,

Dee here, I trust everyone is doing well? I was reading a comment posted by a reader of our blog the other day, and all it had was the entire lyrics to “I come from a land down under” by Men at Work. It was such a great point. Have you actually ever read the correct lyrics to this song? Men at Work are from the land down under, and they are proud about their country. Every city they visit in their song, everyone recognizes ‘Men at Work” as being from Australia – “The land of plenty”. So answer me this…Why do other countries realise how great Australia is, and how amazing our products are, yet our own country cannot support its own produce or goods, jobs, or companies? I think Men at Work would be ashamed of how the land down under are operating at the moment, not supporting themselves, trying to support other countries instead.

I come from the land down under

Men at Work have helped advertise Australia around the world, because almost every country know this song. People know and remember this song; because it is a catchy, feel good song that uplifts your knowledge of Australia. I know every time I hear it, I just have to sing and bop along to it. This song is a perfect example of an Aussie classic. This song is a classic and is still played on the radio to this day. There is a reason for this; because Australian products and manufactured creations last for an extremely long time. They will be used and played with for years to come. This is for all Australian goods and materials.


The song is about the loss of spirit in our country, because of the “plundering” by greedy people, which is why we need to celebrate Australia. We need to celebrate our country, not in a “flag-waving” sense, it is more than that. It is about what people choose to celebrate about a country or a place. Colin Hay, the writer of the lyrics stated: “The true heritage of a country often gets lost in the name of progress and development”

Aussies Win A moment in historyLand down under became an unofficial national anthem when Australia won the America’s Cup 26th September 1983, an event the USA had never lost. Bob Hawke (The Prime Minister at the time) was so ecstatic about Australia’s win, he gave the whole country the day off and announced on the news that any boss who fired an employee for taking the day off “is a bum!”

Men at Work come from the land down under

Men at Work come from the land down under

Wake up Australia, because even our Aussie songs are trying to advise everyone that we need to celebrate and look after our country. We need to support local business to keep jobs going in Australia. We need to celebrate our Australian Made products because they are what maintains our nation manufacturing.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, do you?

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