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Amiga had the incredible opportunity to sponsor and attend the captivating AIDN event in Canberra lastnight. The event brought together industry leaders, experts, and esteemed guests, fostering intuitive conversations. It was an evening filled with insightful discussions about the backbone of industrialization and the imperative need to regenerate it for future requirements, especially in light of current world events.

Amiga and AIDN

Robert Nioa, a distinguished speaker and advocate for industrialization, delivered a compelling address on the need to regenerate this essential backbone for the future. The emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) was particularly inspiring, as they (like Amiga) play a vital role in our nation’s resilience and growth. At Amiga, we believe that SMEs are the true driving force behind innovation, with their agility, adaptability and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their courage to bear the weight of responsibility, especially during challenging times is truly commendable. As a company that values the dynamism and creativity of SMEs, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering them on their journey. We recognise their immense contributions ot he industry and are committed to fostering an ecosystem where their potential can thrive.

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We were also privileged to hear from Pat Conroy, who spoke passionately about building our Australian Sovereign Capability. His commitment to supporting SME’s and fostering a strong national Defence ecosystem was truly inspiring. Hearing from the Air Marshall in charge of GWEO share his thoughts on the courage displayed by SMEs during challenging times and their role in building our Australian Sovereign Capability. His passion for empowering local industries aligns perfectly with Amiga Engineering’s mission and values.

Ambassador, Michael, Amiga, Defence

Additionally, we were honored to have our very own Michael Bourchier, the founder of Amiga Engineering, capture a memorable moment with the distinguished Ukrainian Ambassador. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss international collaborations. At t Amiga we understand the significance of global connections and their profound impact on driving innovation. We firmly believe in the power of global connections and the immense value they bring to Australian industry to uplift Australian manufacturing.

At Amiga, we take immense pride in our Australian manufacturing capabilities, specifically tailored for the Defence industry. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and quality enables us to support he nation’s defence requirements effectively.

AIDN plays a crucial role in facilitating collaboration, fostering partnerships, and driving sustainable growth within the Defence industry. The annual gala dinner services as a remarkable platform to connect with industry peers, exchange knowledge, and explore new opportunities.

At Amiga Engineering, we are proud to be part of this dynamic community, and events like the AIDN Gala Dinner gathering remind us of the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a leading provider of cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing solutions, we are dedicated to empowering SME’s and supporting the regeneration of the Australian industrial backbone.

Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient future for our industry and Australia’s Sovereign Capability.

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