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Styromax and Amiga
Metal 3d printing

Over 12 months in the making and 6 variations of in house 3D plastic prints to achieve the desired 3D steel print model.
We recently welcomed John and Brianna for a presentation and a tour of our 3D facility here in Tullamarine.

metal 3d printing

John Massey from StyroMAX said

“We seriously could’ve looked through the viewing windows all day to watch these amazing machines laser print the steel parts. Their entire 3D printing operations (metal & plastic) are next level”.

We’re super excited to see where our technology might lead “Brianna Barker Racing” and StyroMAX after some field testing in a racing environment on the header flange adapters for their Hornet.

Accelerate your performance with Amiga’s 3D metal printing!

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