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3D scanningThe ever increasing range of dynamic and organic DTO/generative design geometries and unique designs for AM  we are attracting needed and evolved method to prove out tolerance’s  and the Success or our AM prints. An evolved quality control procedure is essential in proving the repeatability and accuracy in such a dynamic and complex designs.
Customers who are benefiting from this new capability include Medical device designers with biomimetic and organic and hard to measure designs along with and Customer utilizing DTO and design for AM principles in there design acumen, especially important in Aerospace and UAV optics where it is essential that accuracy has been proved. An incredible complimentary tool in the ever-growing advanced manufacturing tool kit at Amiga! Our new  GOM Atos Q8M meteorology system has been a very welcome addition and has drastically improved our quality control procedures for all of our customers and not just for AM customers , we  use it regularly to access the accuracy of  castings,  complex CNC projects and hybrid manufacturing projects that utilize both AM and CNC and other post process operations.  We have also designed dynamic fixtures and jigging for impossible to hold components that require machining direct from the AM models.
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