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SLS 3D Printing

Expand your manufacturing capabilities with production-grade nylon materials to produce tough, functional complex parts with excellent surface finish, resolution, accuracy, repeatability and low total cost of operations. SLS printers print in thermoplastic materials designed to offer you the full range of capabilities and isotropic properties, from rigid to elastomeric, high elongation, high impact strength, and high-temperature resistance.

sls 3d printing

Current Materials (not limited to)

DuraForm PA (White PA12)

PA12 sls printing

DuraForm TPU Elastomer

elastomer sls printing

DuraForm Prox-Ex Black (PA11)

PA 11 SLS printing

SPro60 SLS Build Size 

Amiga Engineering’s brand new SLS SPro60 has big print bed for large parts or production runs of smaller components.

Our complete build size is: 381 x 330 x 460mm

Why Choose SLS 3D Printing For Your Business?

When it comes to accessing quality manufacturing and engineering services, you can be sure that your business can always rely on Amiga Engineering. Our SLS 3D printing processes make it possible for companies and organisations across Australia to get the products they need without any hassle or undue expense.

Nylon is used for producing accurate dimensionally accurate end use quality parts both large and small, prototypes to low -mid volume production. Strong, rigid or flexible nylons are available to fit almost all applications.

Founded in 1988 as a small, local business, Amiga Engineering has since grown into one of Australia’s most trusted and respected specialists in the field of engineering and manufacturing solutions, offering services such as SLS 3D printing in Australia. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts know exactly what it takes to turn rough ideas into practical realities, and we have all the tools and equipment required to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met absolutely every time. Read More

For Quality SLS 3D Printing, Australia Trusts Amiga Engineering

Here at Amiga Engineering, we are able to offer the best SLS 3D printing Australia has available, with our entire design and manufacturing process being able to take place under one roof, maximising efficiency and delivering the swiftest possible turnaround times for our customers. We use only the highest quality materials and our excellent tools and equipment utilise sophisticated additive technology to create highly complex, intricate designs which are lightweight and practical but also strong and durable. As well as delivering great results from day one, our products can be relied upon to continue performing well many years into the future, as we always build with longevity in mind.

We also take great pride in working closely with each customer to gain a thorough understanding of their particular needs and preferences. We know that no two businesses are the same, which is why our SLS 3D printing services are designed and crafted in such a way as to be tailored to the particular specifications of our clients. And thanks to the fact that we’ve got plenty of experience working with businesses and organisations in a huge variety of sectors and industries across Australia, our customers can always be confident that we will have the capacity to adapt to their requirements and deliver the solutions they need.

Make An Enquiry Regarding Our SLS 3D Printing Services Today

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are always more than happy to answer any questions prospective customers may have about our SLS 3D printing solutions or any other 3D printing services, and to offer our assistance in any way possible when it comes to making a fully informed decision regarding your investment. Simply get in touch via telephone, email or using the convenient online form available on our website, and we’ll be able to help you get started today with the seamless and stress-free process of ordering the new SLS printed products your business needs to succeed. Read Less

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