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Revolutionizing Metal Printing in Australia with Scalmalloy! As trailblazers in the industry, Amiga take immense pride in being the first and only company in Australia to invest in certifying one of our 3D printers capable of manufacturing using Scalmalloy metal powder.

At Amiga Engineering, we are pioneers in the field of metal printing, and we understand the value of investing in cutting-edge technology. We proudly took the leap to become the first company in Australia to invest in certifying a 3D metal printer capable of printing in Scalmalloy material. Why? Because we recognized the pressing need for it. The certification process itself is both expensive and stringent, but we wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.

Unleashing the Power of Scalmalloy: Revolutionizing Metal Printing for Lightweight and High-Performance Solutions

We foresaw the immense potential of Scalmalloy in industry. By leveraging this innovative material, we can achieve further lightweighting of components such as space bracketry, nozzles, and various other applications. From aerospace components that demand exceptional strength-to-weight ratio to high-performance racing parts that require both durability and lightness, Scalmalloy delivers unrivaled performance. At Amiga Engineering, we are committed to pushing boundaries, meeting industry demands head-on, and delivering groundbreaking solutions. Trust us to pave the way with Scalmalloy as we revolutionize metal printing in Australia and beyond.


Scalmalloy and Space…

Scalmalloy® material has proven its worth in space applications due to its exceptional properties. Here are some ways Scalmalloy® is used in the space industry:

  1. Spacecraft Structures: Scalmalloy® is employed in the construction of lightweight and robust structures for spacecraft. Its high strength-to-weight ratio allows for the design and fabrication of durable components while keeping overall weight low. This is crucial for reducing launch costs and maximizing payload capacity.
  2. Satellite Components: Scalmalloy® is used in the manufacturing of various satellite components, including brackets, support structures, and antenna mounts. Its lightweight nature ensures efficient fuel consumption during launch and provides stability during orbit.
  3. Rocket Engines and Thrusters: Scalmalloy® is utilized in the production of components for rocket engines and thrusters. Its high strength and resistance to extreme temperature and pressure make it suitable for withstanding the demanding conditions of space propulsion systems.
  4. Payload Carriers: Scalmalloy® plays a role in the construction of payload carriers and deployment mechanisms for satellites and scientific instruments. Its lightweight properties enable efficient transport and deployment of payloads, ensuring precise positioning in space.
  5. Extravehicular Activities (EVAs): Scalmalloy® may be used in the development of equipment and tools for astronauts during spacewalks. Its strength and corrosion resistance make it suitable for constructing durable and lightweight tools, ensuring ease of use and enhancing astronaut mobility.

By leveraging the unique qualities of Scalmalloy®, space agencies and aerospace companies can achieve weight savings, enhance mission efficiency, and improve overall performance in space applications. Scalmalloy®’s reliability and adaptability make it a valuable material for advancing space exploration and satellite technology.


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