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Are You Looking For A Polymer 3D Printing Service?

There are all kinds of industries that make use of polymer 3d printing. It has overcome the obstacles often presented by conventional manufacturing methods and opened up unimaginable design and engineering prospects. Whether it is prosthetics, robust but low impact tool generation or lightweight defence materials, 3d printed products are becoming integral to many industries.

We’re pleased to bring you one of the fastest polymer 3d printing in Australia and the world. For over thirty years we’ve been offering quality manufacturing for some of the most challenging industries in the world. Whether you are working in natural resources, marine, medicine, or defence, if you need a component, we can build it! Read More

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We Specialise In Expert Polymer 3D Printing

We work with companies and industries all across Australia and we’re proud to have helped in some of our nation’s industrial successes. Amiga Engineering is proud to be recognised as the world’s most diverse engineering services and manufacturing company and our team has achieved great success in all kinds of industries. The following are some of our awards and certification:

  • Top 3 in Victoria for the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2019
  • Top 10 in Australia in the Defence Connect Industry Awards
  • The world recognised and difficult to attain AS9100D accreditation, specifically for Aerospace and Defence systems

Our client list includes both small and large businesses – some of which rely on our products in emergency situations. That’s why our 3D printing with polymers makes use of advanced materials often found used by medical or defence companies.

Our Service Bureau has one of the most diverse offerings in the world, with large scale industrial 3D printers designed for projects that consumer 3D printers just can’t handle. These include DLP printing, SLS printing and even Full colour InkJet. We have DLP Figure 4 modular printers that can work in conjunction with materials perfectly suited for industrial use, such as:

  • Hard-wearing, high tear strength rubber
  • InkJet with over 10 Million Colour Variations
  • Ultra high-temperature plastic
  • Biocompatible translucent materials for medical needs
  • Range of End use UV stable Polymers for out door and indoor use

But it’s not only medical, Defence or industrial companies we partner with. The nature of 3D printing means that we have been able to work on >many different restoration projects and prototypes too.

Call Us For More Info About 3D Printing With Polymers In Australia

3D printing with polymer materials allows for endless possibilities for production and product development departments. Let us help you to explore these possibilities. Call our team now on 03 9330 0688 for more information.

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