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The First GOM ATOS Q 8 in Australia!

In another Australian first, Amiga will have the only privately owned commercial use GOM ATOS Q 8 in Australia. This Exciting new arrival will give Amiga some of the best Scanning technology in the world! Giving our customers Precision Reverse engineering and 3D Scanning services.

  • Reverse Engineering of complex parts to create CAD models to then reproduce components with lost files – even from OEM’s who have lost original data. This can be recaptured to re-make parts that would otherwise be obsolete for all time.
  • Scanning used for metrology – 3D printed Metal and Polymer parts are, in a lot of cases, more complex and have a myriad of shapes that don’t allow themselves for standard measuring by micrometer, Vernier or CMM measuring equipment.
  • Scanning can create a full CAD model and give you variations of wall thickness and also allow us to understand any defamation in the print compared to the CAD model
  • Scanning can give us further understanding of any distortion that has taken place during the build that can be corrected by our build simulation software
  • Build Simulation software is also another added process we offer as a service to customers who are chasing very accurate components

The ATOS Q is specifically developed for industry use and delivers fully traceable measurement results, even under harsh conditions. The new ATOS Q captures highly detailed scan data quickly and accurately, this is due in part to its Blue Light Equaliser technology. The Blue Light Equlizer Enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that even on uncooperative surfaces short measuring times can be achieved.

Precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are captured by two cameras based on the stereo camera principle. GOM’s projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition.


Due to the Light weight of the ATOS Q and its compact design, It can easily be moved on a tripod in a measuring room, or setup on the production line for onsite 3D scanning solutions.



ATOS Q for quality assurance

ATOS Q is designed as a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks in different industries.

High-Quality 3D Scanning Solutions from Amiga Engineering

3D scanning is more popular than ever. Businesses all over the world are embracing this versatile technology to increase productivity, quality and produce full CAD models and give you variations in wall thickness. It is suitable for designing prosthetic devices, performing quality control of mechanical parts and retrofitting heavy machinery in addition to many other applications from forensics to virtual reality.

When you need high-quality 3D scanning in Australia, you can rely on Amiga Engineering to provide what you need. We not only sell and support the complete range of 3D Systems & 3D printing solutions, but we provide high-quality 3d scanning services throughout Australia to a wide range of businesses. We’re able to deliver outstanding results with fast, highly precise colourfast 3D data which are far superior to those achieved by traditional measurement methods and perfect for a range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare.

Whether you’re an engineer looking for reverse-engineering solutions or a medical professional looking for an efficient way to create prosthetics, 3D scanning can help. Read More

The Very Best 3D Scanning Technology Available in Australia

As a provider of high-quality 3D scanning services, we ensure that we always invest in the absolute best technology available today. We have the rand-new scanning technology which is amongst the best in the world. We’re one of the first companies in Australia to do so and believe that with this equipment, we will take Australia’s 3d scanning services to the next level.

The new GOM ATOS Q8 is a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks and enables us to deliver the best scanning technology in the world for a variety of different industries. Lightweight and compact, its Blue Light Equaliser technology allows it to capture highly detailed scan data quickly and accurately. Plus, for ultimate convenience, it can be set up on a production line for efficient onsite 3D scanning solutions.

Amiga Engineering: At the Forefront of 3D Scanning in Australia

Over our years in business, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality 3D printing and manufacturing ervices to a range of industries. We started our business in 1988 as a small local company committed to providing the highest possible standards of service. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the world’s leading engineering companies, providing outstanding service to our customers throughout Australia.

As a trusted supplier to a diverse range of clients, we always aim to be at the forefront of 3D technology so that we can provide the very best 3D scanning and printing solutions. Our in-house service bureau provides metal 3D printing services to the medical, automotive, defence and aerospace industries to name a few. And whether we’re working with the petrochemical industries, the food and dairy industries, mining and construction or defence departments, we always deliver the highest level of service.

Want to Know More About Our 3D Scanning Services?

If you’d like to know how our 3D scanning solutions can be of benefit to your business, get in touch today. We’ll be happy to talk you through your options. Read Less

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