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Amiga 3D solutions sells and supports the entire range of 3D Systems 3d printing solutions and materials, we can assist you in choosing 
the right solution to meet with your requirements whether you are looking for an accurate prototyping device or low to mid volume 
production device we have printer and material options to meet almost any requirement. 

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd have an in-house service bureau for providing 3d metal and/or 3d polymer printing. The company is also an authorised partner reseller for 3D Systems for high quality 3D printing equipment sales and software.

3D Systems have manufactured a vast range of printers that are suitable for all types of industries. With a large range of materials available for printing to suit almost every application you can think of.

Figure 4 (DLP)

Productive and cost-effective digital manufacturing solutions

Figure 4® delivers ultra-fast additive manufacturing technology with systems that offer the expandable capacity to meet your present and future needs. With access to a range of innovative materials, Figure 4 enables tool-less alternatives to traditional injection moulding or urethane casting processes with direct digital production of precision plastic parts, as well as ultra-fast same-day rapid prototyping.

Figure 4 Modular

Scalable, semi-automated 3D manufacturing solution designed to scale with growth


  • Expandable capacity up to 24 print engines
  • Automated job management and queuing, automated material delivery, and centralized post-processing. Same-day prototyping and direct 3D production up to 10,000 parts per month. Each printer can run different materials and different jobs as part of a single high throughput line

Figure 4 Standalone

Ultra-fast and affordable for same day prototyping and low-volume production


Same day prototyping and direct digital production of tens and hundreds of parts per month. Affordable and versatile solution for low volume production, and same-day prototyping for fast design iteration and verification. Speed, quality and accuracy with industrial-grade durability, service and support

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