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Selective Laser Sintering Printer (SLS)

Experience the power of production-grade thermoplastic parts with our ProX and sPro SLS 3D Printers.

At Amiga Engineering, we utilize the sPro60 in-house, giving us the expertise to recommend the perfect printer to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our hands-on experience with these printers enables us to offer valuable technical support and insights for production work.

SLS printers are adept at printing with thermoplastic materials, providing a wide range of capabilities and isotropic properties, including rigidity, elastomeric qualities, high elongation, impact strength, and resistance to high temperatures. Trust us to deliver solutions tailored to your manufacturing requirements.

Transform Your Ideas into Reality!
nylon 3d printing australia, sls

sPro 60 HD-HS

Compact SLS printer for broad range of thermoplastic, composite and elastomeric materials


  • High-throughput of medium-sized parts (up to 330mm long)
  • Production-grade nylon parts production
  • Produce housings, machinery components, complex end-use parts, functional assemblies, jigs and fixtures


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nylon 3d printing, SLS


Industrial-scale, process controlled additive manufacturing solution for selective laser sintering


  • High throughput workflow solution with closed-loop process controls for repeatability across parts, builds, machines, and sites
  • Production-grade nylon thermoplastics
  • Automated 3D part nesting, material handling, and post-processing solutions
SLS, Nylon 3d printing


Advanced SLS technology in a user-friendly format


  • Prints highly detailed and functional parts with a wide range of materials
  • Exceptional accuracy and durability
  • Easy to use interface with the ability to print remotely


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Direct Light Projection (DLP)

Also known as “Resin 3D Printing”

Discover Figure 4: Your solution for productive and cost-effective digital manufacturing.

At Amiga, we boast four Figure 4 modular printers in-house, allowing for diverse material and design setups in each printer while operating seamlessly from a single control system.

Additionally, we offer a Figure 4 standalone printer capable of using the same materials as the Modular series, but with the added flexibility of accommodating smaller-sized material bottles. Ideal for low-volume production needs, it provides efficiency without compromising quality.

Experience DLP Excellence!
figure 4 standalone australia

Figure 4 Standalone

Ultra-fast and affordable for same day prototyping and low-volume production


  • Same day prototyping and direct digital production of tens and hundreds of parts per month
  • Affordable and versatile solution for low volume production, and same-day prototyping for fast design iteration and verification
  • Speed, quality and accuracy with industrial-grade durability, service and support


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figure 4 modular

Figure 4 Modular

Scalable, semi-automated 3D manufacturing solution designed to scale with growth


  • Expandable capacity up to 24 print engines
  • Automated job management and queuing, automated material delivery, and centralized post-processing
  • Same-day prototyping and direct 3D production up to 10,000 parts per month
  • Each printer can run different materials and different jobs as part of a single high throughput line


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jewellry 3d printers australia

Figure 4 Jewelry

Ultra-fast and affordable 3D printing solution for jewelry design and manufacturing workflows


  • Designed to address three application-specific workflows: jewelry casting patterns, master patterns for molds, and prototype/fit check models
  • Ultra-fine support structures minimize part-to-support interaction for the smoothest sidewalls and fine resolution
  • Print at 16mm/hr at 30µm layer – up to 4x faster than comparable printing systems for a full platform of rings


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MultiJet Printers (MJP)

Experience high-fidelity, true-to-CAD parts effortlessly with our cutting-edge technology, boasting fast print times, user-friendly operation, and straightforward post-processing. Ideal for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows, our process seamlessly transforms digital files into finished parts.

Discover an extensive selection of VisiJet materials from the ProJet MJP series, all readily available for order through Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd. Take advantage of ongoing promotions on 3D Systems materials and consumables by reaching out to us today for pricing and additional information. Revolutionize your manufacturing process with ease and efficiency.

MJP 2500 plus amiga

ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus

MultiJet Printing Quality, Speed and Ease of Use Made Accessible


  • Up to 3x higher 3D printing speeds than similar class printers and finished part delivery up to 4x faster with 3D Systems MJP EasyClean System
  • Capable of printing in rigid, engineering-grade, high temperature resistant, elastomeric or biocompatible materials, in clear or in a range of opaque colors
  • Perfect for concept modeling, rapid design iteration and validation, jigs and fixtures, patterns and molds


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mjp 2500 ic amiga

ProJet MJP 2500 IC

Tool-less production of 100% wax casting patterns


  • High quality small to mid-sized wax patterns that fit directly into a standard foundry casting process
  • Ideal for customized metal components, bridge manufacturing and low volume production
  • VisiJet® M2 ICast 100% wax material delivers the same melt and burn-out characteristics of standard casting waxes


  • 3D Sprint
project 2500w amiga

ProJet MJP 2500W

Fast and affordable jewelry wax pattern printer


  • Pre-series and series production of jewelry metal pieces
  • Customized jewelry metal pieces manufacturing
  • Figurines, replicas, collectibles and art pieces


  • 3D Sprint
  • 3D Connect
Multijet printer, jewellery printer

ProJet MJP 300W

Flexible, fast, and high-quality jewelry wax patterns 3D printer


  • 100% wax casting reliability
  • 4 printing modes to match the level of speed, geometric complexity and surface quality your designs require
  • Greater geometric freedom with superior resolution and dissolvable/meltable supports
  • For high-volume and mass custom jewelry manufacturing
  • From fast turnaround short runs to high volume production


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projet 5600 australia

ProJet MJP 5600

Large format, multi-material composite parts in a single build


  • Produce over-molded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, jigs and fixtures, dies and more.
  • Five base materials: rigid white, black or clear, elastomeric black or natural, plus more than 100 composite combinations
  • Print parts up to half a meter long—or several smaller parts—in a single build


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projet 3600 australia

ProJet MJP 3600 Series

High capacity, resolution and performance for MultiJet 3D printing.


  • Print in a choice of seven durable plastic materials
  • Choose between the ProJet MJP 3600 or 3600 Max 3D printers, depending on build volume and resolution requirements
  • Print assemblies, including snap-fit, parts for fluid flow visualization, and USP Class-VI compatible medical applications


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Medical 3D Printers

Introducing the pioneering 3D Printing Platform tailored exclusively for Medical Device Production: The EXT 220 MED.

Harnessing filament-based extrusion technology, the EXT 220 MED facilitates the precise 3D printing of implants and instruments utilizing high-performance polymers such as PEEK and Radel® PPSU. Equipped with an integrated clean room and temperature controls featuring laminar airflow, it’s perfectly suited for the rapid manufacturing of biocompatible and sterilizable medical devices. Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in medical device production with the EXT 220 MED.

medical plastic printer, ext220

EXT220 MED (Kumovis R1)

The only extrusion platform that features an integrated clean room and is validated by leading medical device manufacturers and hospitals worldwide.


  • First 3D printing platform specifically designed for the additive manufacture of medical implants and instruments in PEEK and Radel® PPSU
  • The only platform with integrated clean room and temperature controls with a laminar airflow
  • Validated to fulfill ASTM standards, it delivers rapid, reproducible printing of a broad range of applications
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