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An easier way to place orders, pay and checkout for your 3DSystems branded printing consumables.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Amiga staff.

If we don’t have stock of the material you need, Amiga has good working relationships with local and international couriers and only use the fastest method of international delivery to meet customer’s urgent needs.

Amiga is situated in Tullamarine, perfectly situated close to couriers and their depots for international and national deliveries.

Looking for Figure 4 Material?

Visit Amiga’s 3Dsystems material store and create an account.


3d printing materials

Why Choose Amiga 3D Solutions?

Amiga Engineering has been manufacturing for over 33 years, and understand quality. Only opting for use of high quality printers and machinery for the in-house machine shop and Additive Manufacturing labs. We also care about service because we understand urgency and emergency situations.

Amiga’s quality service and quality products work hand-in-hand, which is why we try to provide the best offers and specials that we can. That includes promotions for 3DSystems materials.

3D Systems Material

Looking for Visijet Material?

Visit Amiga’s 3Dsystems material store and create an account. 2500 series M2 and M3 materials available with a fast turn-around time.

Do you need a new Resin Tray Kit?

Figure 4 Standalone, Figure 4 Modular, the high end DLP technology brand of equipment by 3D Systems. Amiga uses the same equipment in-house in our own Additive Manufacturing service bureau, the company that sells the same equipment brand used in-house. Amiga is the only 3DSystems partner reseller that can actually provide end-to-end proper solutions and support locally in Australia.

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