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Excited to have made it as one of the top 10 Finalists in Australia for the Australian Defence Industry Awards 2019 🏆🍾👏 Award held in Canberra on Thursday 26th September 2019. Owner and MD Michael Bourchier and his wife Cecily represented Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Metal3D in Australia and Genat and Wood™ Pty Ltd Industrial Gearboxes Amiga Engineering were among other fantastic manufacturing companies, and it was thrilling to be part of the awards night.

Well we didn’t place but as mentioned; making it as a top 10 finalist in Australia for the manufacturing section of the award for 2019 Australian Defence Industry Awards; we are super proud and honoured. Incredible like-minded people in the industry were met and basically had a wonderful night.

So here’s to everyone, past and present, here at Amiga Engineering and Metal 3D – High Precision 3D Metal Printing for your endless support and hard work. 🥂 Defence Connect defenceconnect industry awards hardwork engineering manufacturing 3dprinting australiandefence defenceindustry

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