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Positivity is key…a motto I live by and have lived by my whole life – even before “the secret” book was published. I’ve always believed if you are positive and believe in being positive then you will get positive results. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be people out there that you have in your life or that may cross your path at one time or another – and they are dream busters/bubble busters, and they will try to bring you down…but as long as you know in yourself that you can do anything and you can be affirmative and confident with your positivity, then you will get a bright and encouraging outcome.

Positivity is Key - Metal 3DIt is very easy to let people around you bring you down, even people that don’t mean to; can expel a negative energy that can be contagious. Sometimes the most cheerful and hopeful person can still be subjected to pessimism. I’ve had my ups and downs throughout life but have been lucky enough each time to be surrounded by a great support network, as well as have my own optimism propel me up. If you find or meet someone who has a positive outlook, then try to stand by them and help support them wherever and whenever possible; they too can be contagious and can help guide you through anything – even a maze of bitterness.

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I love listening to music, this has always been a good release for me; since middle school. You can almost always find your thoughts, or words you sometimes can’t think of, in lyrics of a song, whether it be a love song, rock song, pop song, hip hop, rap, rnb or heavy metal. Songs can be inspirational and can support points of view and life challenges. I mention this topic as a side note because studies have shown that listening to music when you’re angry or sad provides an instant boost to your mood, which in turn can help with giving you a positivity increase ? a quote I read was

“Happiness isn’t something that is naturally bestowed upon people. It takes effort, and a willingness to focus on positive thinking, but your hard work will pay off.”

Now why am I talking about this you ask? Well, I came across an article the other day called “the power of connecting with positive people” and it was about Iona Stephen, a Scottish golfer that did everything she could to strive to become the best golfer; starting from her late teens. She ignored the people that tried to discourage her and she welcomed the positive people she connected with along her journey. At the bottom of the article, she was asked a question:

“What do you know now that you wish you’d been taught at school?” and Iona answered:
I wish I had been taught the power of connecting with positive people. Real honest connections, with real honest people. It is a skill that I continue to develop and a phenomenon than continues to lift me higher.

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Sometimes you will be lucky enough to come across people in your lifetime that will leave a mark that you will never forget – in a positive way – they will stay in your life or they can come back around. They will become your positive connection that you can keep forever. These connections can educate you and will provide guidance and vice versa. So not only do you need to stand by what you are taught, but also what you can teach others – and this includes to support and stand by industrial knowledge and machinery capabilities; and an example is Metal 3d Printing and how it can be incorporated into new applications or existing applications but in a new way.

Don’t let anyone bring you down. A wonderful person said to me recently “Sad people are jealous of happy people”…so remember to stay positive and you too can be happy…whether it be right now or down your journey of life or further into the future, it will happen. Someone important to me told me once “the best day of your life may still be to come”

Be Positive and Shine
Be Positive and Shine


See below link for Iona Stephen’s full article:



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