Don’t Worry if you Missed the First Opportunity

Missed opportunities are the worst opportunities but they can help you keep an eye out for another opportunity. You may not realise you have missed an opportunity until you look back on something or

Never Give Up – Great Things Take Time

Last week I wrote an article about positivity being key – being key to everything; life, work, relationships, industry…everything. What I’d like to mention this week is a perfect example of

Positivity is Key – Metal 3D Printing

Positivity is key...a motto I live by and have lived by my whole life - even before "the secret" book was published. I've always believed if you are positive and believe in being positive then you

Life of the Party Amiga Engineering

Hello world, Dee here how is every one? Hope all the fathers had a wonderful Father’s Day? On the weekend, the family and I watched a movie called “Life of the Party” starring Melissa

Supporting your Leaders and Locals

Hello world, Dee here… It’s been some time since I’ve written up an article or piece…only to see what is out there and to soak up what is around us. Also, our company has incorporated new

New Innovation Centre for Australia opens in Melbourne’s North West

New Innovation Centre for Australia opens in Melbourne’s North West : The Only Privately Owned 3D metal Printing Service Bureau is being opened by Ben Reeson 2nd August 2018. Ben Reeson Liberal

Metal 3D Printing at Amiga Engineering

Amiga Engineering Pty is celebrating it's 30th year this year in 2018. Established in 1988, Amiga Engineering has grown from a small CNC machine shop, to a full blown facility with new Metal

High Precision CNC Machining