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Magnificent Seven

Hello World, Dee here, how is everyone? Did everyone have a nice long weekend? We took our little one to the movies (his last weekend of school holidays) and we saw the remake of Magnificent Seven. Guess what? It was magnificent!

magnificent seven

It is a very good story line: Seven lone gunslingers unite to save a desperate town from a dastardly villain, eventually realizing they’re in it more for doing the right thing than for a payday. It has a lot of action in it, which made my boys happy, but it also had a lot of heart. The heart felt feelings of helping a town to save the people came through as the movie goes along. These seven strangers did not know the town from a bar of soap, but they took the risk in giving a helping hand; even when they realised it could be a one-way trip. The magnificent seven, with their fast speed gun shooting and quick hands wanted to help the “little guys”.


This made me think about local support and small business support…if you have an upcoming project, why don’t you give a small business or local business a try or an opportunity to quote on product and service? If you have an upcoming order that needs to be filled, why not hunt around for a small or local business that can provide that support for you? Don’t keep going to the usual big business, how about try an Australian manufacturer? Any opportunity is a good opportunity. If Denzel Washington’s character didn’t take a chance on a small, not very well known town, it would have been a different story…or basically no movie at all hey? Let’s see if we can work Magnificent Seven style.


I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I will now…Go Doggies!!! (sorry if any of you are a Sydney supporter). Did you all watch the Grand Final on Saturday? We did, and how amazing did the doggies keep up their fight. They didn’t back down, they kept trying and pushing and Sydney felt the pressure. This isn’t going to be an article to “bag” Sydney, it is to appreciate the foundation of the Western Bulldogs – their alliance to one another and team work.


When the players were receiving their medals, I kept saying “Murphy should get a medal, he did a lot of hard work before he was injured, Murphy should get a medal…” then Luke Beveridge asked Bob Murphy onto the stage and gave him his own medal. “What a Champion!” I yelled. (I don’t even follow the doggies, I’m a huge Carlton supporter hahaha). How amazing and selfless is that? Coach didn’t have to do that, but he just proved how much of a down-to-earth bloke he really is. That just showed the type of noble bloke he really is.

Food for thought for the week: think of something noble you might be able to do, whether it be to give an opportunity to a supplier you haven’t used in a while, or instead of giving a project/order opportunity to your standard international large business, why not give this chance to a local Australian manufacturer? If one person from each business in Australia did this, Australian manufacturing/business could possibly boom.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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Support us like the Grand Finals

Hello world, Dee here.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you all watch the preliminary finals with the Doggies vs. GWS?

My family and I did. It was such a great match and it was close the whole game. It’s not as exciting when you watch a footy match and then it’s a complete blow out and you know from the first quarter who will win. Saturdays game had us all sitting on the edge of our seat biting our nails. It’s fantastic when the underdogs win…the Bulldogs story this season certainly has been a Cinderella story. Since the start of the year, they’ve been fighting for what they believe in and have definitely earnt their spot in the Grand Final this weekend.


I was listening to the radio on my way into work yesterday morning, and the radio hosts were asking anyone to call up who are excited about the bulldogs being in the Finals. It was wonderful to hear so many callers ring up and cheer on the doggies. They weren’t all Bulldog supporters either, they were all so happy for the Western Bulldogs to get in. They all empathized and imagined how they would feel if it were their own teams. I thought it was incredible to hear a state come together as one and cheer on for the dogs.


Why can’t it be like this with support for locals? If we all thought of it as a Grand Final match, maybe we as a nation would have a chance? I don’t mean, walk into your meetings with blue and white paint on your face screaming “Sons of the West, Red, White and Blue…” I mean, it doesn’t help us that the Government sold an Australian dock to the Chinese, or that the Government support cheap low quality imports instead of high quality and Australian products. It also doesn’t help when the Government doesn’t support an equal “playing” field between big business and small business. It would be an ideal country if we could all support our Australian Made products before the cheap imports hey?


I’m a big Blues supporter (Carlton FC), and I was still happy and was screaming with joy when the Bulldogs won on Saturday. It would be great if we could all support each other in the same way don’t you think?

I’ll leave this food for thought for you this week: Support your local business like you’ll be supporting the Grand Final team this weekend!


Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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Welcome Back!

Hello world, Dee here.

You may or may not have heard from us (Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd) yet, I just want to remind everyone that, YES! Genat and Wood™ are still here and are pumping strong! I also want to say..Welcome Back!

You may not actually realise that you have our genuine Australian Made and Owned Genat and Wood™ industrial gearboxes.

Our industrial gearboxes are driving your machines, running your pumps in the mines you work in, stirring your food vats and mixing your wines. Genat and Wood™ gearheads are being used in the process of mixing cheese, running the conveyor system in your factory, driving the cutters on your shredders, running the surface aerator at your water treatment plant and operating the equipment in your workshop.

We have found that after touching base with a number of past customers, some believed that Genat and Wood™ had stopped being manufactured? Well guess what? That is incorrect…Genat and Wood™ are here and will be here to support you as you have supported us in the past…A song that keeps playing in my mind while writing this newsletter is the “Breakfast Club” song…”Don’t you, forget about me…Don’t don’t don’t don’t…don’t you, forget about me..”

I have a mission for you all, if you choose to accept it…..and that is to walk over to your machines, pumps, shredders, stirrers, mixers, aerators and conveyor systems, and have a look at the motor and gearhead that are running them. Have a look at the brand and see if it is our “Reliably Australian” industrial gearhead. If not Genat and Wood™, then I believe it will be our Varmec gearhead or Tramec range of product. If it is one of the 3, then I dare you to take a couple of minutes and send me an e-mail to say…”Yes!, we have a …………branded gearhead” (

Now, Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd don’t only manufacture and supply industrial gearheads and gearhead parts, we are also the specialists in Pipe Fittings and Flanges. We have been for almost 30 years! Do you know what’s special about our fittings and flanges? They are Australian Made! They are high quality, they are precision machined to your needs! They’re not ‘off-the-shelf’ from Asia or overseas, they are locally made in Australia, with Australian metals. You may not realise either, that you can actually find Amiga’s fittings or flanges on every oil rig and platform in and around Australia.

Don’t stop reading now, because Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd can machine anything and everything. We can machine up to 2.8meters in diameter! Did you hear that? 2.8 meters! If you have a drawing or Spec, then send it to our e-mail ( and ask us for a free quote. Amiga has worked in countless projects, you may not realise because in the 90’s and early 2000’s, we were the 3rd party manufacturer. Many large business’ asked Amiga Engineering™ to do the work for them because of the quality that we provide. Big business know that Amiga can manufacture a product that will last for decades!

I could talk for hours about the excellence and superior products that we manufacture, however I’ll leave that for next week’s newsletter. Thanks for your time and please keep following. If you want a product that is worth paying for, then give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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Happy Easter from Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful and safe Easter and hope the Easter Bunny spoils you all!

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd supports local business, do you?


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Don’t Think Do

Hello World, Dee here, how is everyone?

I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago, to 101.9 the Fox, and Hamish and Andy were talking a little bit about Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar 2016 speech. They played a recording of what he said when he won the Oscar for Best Actor in “The Revenant”.

Leonardo Dicaprio The Revenant

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Leo thanked everyone and also mentioned Global Warming. He advised that Global Warming is a serious issue and that we should not take the world for granted.

I absolutely agree with him, when Hamish and Andy finished the recording, one of them asked “why would he say that” and the other gent made a brilliant point: who remembers the actor or actress in 1987 thanking everyone? 20 years from now, people will still remember Leonardo Dicaprio’s speech and warning about Global Warming though won’t they?

I definitely agree and I agree with what Leo Dicaprio is trying to tell everyone. He’s trying to let the world know that a huge issue, such as global warming, will affect everyone and will affect the world. Not only, the people of the planet, but also nature and animals. If we don’t start doing something about it, then our whole world will change, mainly for worse.


Movies have been trying to warn us for a long time, and now actors are too. It makes you think, what does it take for the people of our Worldy Governments to do something about this? What does it take for them to make change?

You know what? I wish we could have an actor or actress for the next Oscars (in 2017) make a comment about Australian Manufacturing and how it is depleting; as more and more companies are opting for the cheap imports and cheap quality of goods. More and more opportunities are given to external countries instead of our own.

Amiga Product Oscars

Amiga Product Oscars

What does it take for our own Government to make a stand and do something about this? What does it take for our Government to make a change?

There is a famous saying that I want you all to think about in regards to:

Supporting Aussie Manufacturing, Supporting Local Business, and Supporting Small Business:

The famous AFL Hawthorn Coach John Kennedy Snr. Said

“At least DO SOMETHING! DO! Don’t think, Don’t hope, do!

At least you can come off and say I did this…At least I did something!”

john kennedy don't think do

In the words of Bruce Lee, “Don’t think! Feeel!”

don't think feel bruce lee

In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try!”

do or do not yoda

In the words of Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Horace Born Dec 8th 65BC), “Don’t think! Just do!”


In the words of the Nike brand: “Just Do it!”

nike just do it

Never be afraid to try something new. Rmember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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