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430 Frame

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The 430 Frame series gearhead is one of our multi-stage gear units they provide a compact solution to your system designs while providing superior 3 stage speed reduction. The 430 Frame may be obsolete, however with some clients they have expressed their want and need to keep the 400 series gearhead instead of accepting the upgraded 600 series version. In certain situations such as this, we are willing to support our customers by building a new 430 Frame gearhead. Spare parts are still available for the 430 Frame as well as our refurbishing service.

Gear Unit Ratio (i) : 17.862 – 38.198
Output Torque (Nm) : 44 – 73
Motor Power Range(kW) : 0.37 – 4

Obsolete gearbox with parts, available for repairs or refurbishments contact our friendly staff for advice on alternative gearboxes if looking for replacement.



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